Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Life is a Monologue

Have you ever wondered if it's for real? The daily grind.....working, eating, sleeping and breathing....day after day? What makes it real? Paying the bills every month, checking your bank statement, doing the washing up or cooking the dinner - is that what it's all about....a long, monotonous to do list!
Well count me out..........

Now don't get me wrong I do all those mindless things but I don't dwell on them and I even rebel against some of them. What on earth does that piece of paper that flies through the letter box each month with a series of transactions, pluses and minuses have to do with your self worth? That statement is not a statement of your true worth. It is a material tool that makes you feel small and gives big powers to institutions.
Establishments tend to do that........they render you powerless......the only solution is to tune them out.....drown yourself in the whirlpool of your thoughts.

The only real thing in my life is me. I spend time with myself and find pleasure and fulfillment.
The life I have within is my biggest thrill. In my world, being real is all I need.


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