Saturday, 27 August 2011

Home is where you are

Size doesn't matter

Home is not a place. Home is a feeling. Its a quality that a few special people have to make a home out of any place.

Some homes I know are hell. They’re not safe places for man or beast. This kind of home is not where the heart is. In fact, these homes shelter a heap of broken hearts. Hearts that have been ripped to shreds which even the most skilful surgeon cannot fix.

An unloving home is the worst kind of deprivation. Emotional neglect cannot be reversed easily. Harsh words, once uttered, cannot be retracted.  They hang in the atmosphere and reverberate around the walls. Some people have their bodies in one place and their minds in another. When they come home they switch the TV on (in time for the news)and pollute their living space with all the misery of the world. It’s easy to forget your blessings when your mind is clouded with trauma and dissent. Home is a blessing so never forget that! 
There's no place like it!

Home is not mere bricks and mortar. Bricks and mortar may shelter our bodies but our minds live on a higher plane. Our houses may contain our minds but we should not and allow our spirits to be controlled by our houses. Sadly for those who are house proud or extreme neat freaks their houses are treated as if they’re too good to be walked in. If a cushion is creased or there’s a stain on the rug it’s a tragedy. Homes like this play havoc with your spirit. 

Clean home; clean mind?
On the surface they are clean and calm but underneath it’s a hotbed of tensions and unrest. Homes maintained as if they’re going to be used in the next “Home and Country” photo shoot are shells. A house where you have to be constantly on your guard is not home.  

Laughter - best home building material
A home is nothing without love.  A loving home is created with gentle looks, tender touches and sweet words. All who live there or walk into it feel love seeping through the walls and spilling from the shelves. You should feel so free in it that you could dance around naked or stay in your jim jams all day. 

A home should be a sanctuary, a haven. It is your little hideaway as much as your platform. You are the star in your home but don’t forget that you didn’t get to where you are without a strong supporting cast. 

Some people feel a sense of discomfort in their homes and that’s usually because they have not understood that its sacred space. Be careful of whom you invite into your home – keeping your enemies that close is not a good idea. Some of us are strangers in our homes and that’s because we’ve allowed others to make us feel that way. Sometimes we’re under so much psychic attack from negative forces that it manifests in severe depression.

Interior decor
Love yourself (all those nooks and crannies) and your home will reflect that.  It should be a vision board for your personality. Let it be as unique as you are for wherever you choose to be  present...that’s home. We are truly designers making our interior world rich with kindness and furnishing it with love.

The best place to make your home is in the hearts of those who are special to you.....those homes do not wither away....that’s your place in eternity and the welcome’s always warm. 



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