Sunday, 31 July 2011

Millionaire - in - training

Dollars from heaven
That’s who I am. I tell myself this as I’m on the road to financial independence.

The Serious Rich are natural risk takers and so am I. I got married thinking it’d be a bed of roses and but it soon became a bed of nails. I’ve had numerous challenges such as managing a thorn in my side (the ex) whilst nurturing three children (one with a disability no less).

Some of the bods on the world’s rich list are people who’ve graduated from the university of life.....a very bumpy ride....I’ve done that.

I was born on the wrong side of the tracks and was sent to the school for hard knocks. I was amongst the few five  year olds who already had responsibilities....caring for younger siblings...which was an entrepreneurial experience in the management of a team.

Eat your heart out Miss Jolie!
I’m a strategic thinker and high net worth individuals always have their eye on the next investment as do I. Do I go for the designer or  budget range? 

I’m regularly in touch with my bank manager – we are on first name terms - he explains in detail my precarious financial position. He’s the Sherpa to my Sir Edmund – a faithful guide. Millionaires always have good financial support on their way to the top.

I prefer to go without than borrow. Pride is not my downfall – it’s a badge of honour. 
The wealthy not only occupy the upper echelons of society but (sometimes) the moral high ground.

The rich never worry.....neither do I...though there’s debts to pay.

Spend, spend, spend is a millionaire’s motto and it’s mine too!

The rich are sophisticated....that’s me to a T.... (I love martinis by the pool)....and they’re shrewd (I’m working on that)!

No slumdogs here!
Rich people think far I’ve “accumulated” homes in France, Italy and New York, a  private jet, a yacht, an adoring army of fans.........all in my dreams.

I sometimes have to assume another identity in order to remain anonymous (oh yes - the gossip columns are buzzing unless I keep a low profile!).

Bottoms up!
I like to sip champagne, eat caviar whilst gazing at a golden sunset.....why not? 

My children think I’m a millionaire and never fail to ask me for this and that.

My wishes may seem excessive but I’m really not greedy....not even vain....I could sacrifice being a billionaire...just happy to be an ordinary millionaire.

If wishes were horses then beggars would ride....I'm on a bucking bronco that I'm determined to tame.

Ahh....the good life!
If thoughts are things then mine are always rich. When the skies are blue, sunshine on my shoulders, gentle breezes caress my cheek – these days feel like diamonds.....and diamonds are a millionaire’s best friend! 



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