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Marry a person who makes you feel rich

Singing in the rain
If only you could!
When it comes to marriage I’m a hopeless cynic as I married someone who was on a path of self-destruction (minus drugs and alcohol) and wanted to drag me down the same way. During my marriage I felt anything but rich, in fact there were more times than I care to remember that I felt dirt poor....and it had nothing to do with money!
I'd rather be covered in kisses
It’s exciting when you meet and fall in love with someone who is asset rich and he showers you with an array of shiny, sparkling, dazzling rocks and trinkets. He has a fast car – wow – a luxury penthouse – no kidding -  and a chalet in the Swiss Alps – whooping for joy! Now that’s serious money for some serious pampering.
There’s just one problem… love all the bling and gadgets….but when you’re in his company your heart feels empty. Material wealth, as sumptuous as it may be, is a thin disguise for spiritual poverty.  You may love his resplendent kitchen, exquisite bathroom, opulent lounge and magnificent bedroom complete with silk sheets but his impoverished spirit will be the hardest thing to live with. People with tell you that you’re lucky and you’ll smile and nod but, deep inside your being where  truth resides, you’ll feel hollow.
I’ve never experienced serious wealth but I know what it is to be financially comfortable and, as a result of my ex-significant other, I also know the discomfort of financial instability. I blame no one but myself for my naievety and plain ignorance but I was following  age old advice of my well-intentioned elders in finding a rich man. 
My humble advice is to find a man or woman who makes you feel rich. When you feel rich it means that the necessities of life are taken care of. Your purse may feel a little lighter at times and you may not have the best things with a price tag but your heart, soul and mind will be full – of joy, tenderness and love.

A partner with a heart full of love and little less in his bank account is the type you should seek. Sometimes he may have both - big bucks and a big heart - and that’s something worth cherishing.

So how can someone make you feel rich….without any money?
Firstly he must be someone you’re attracted to. That sounds easy enough but the attraction has to be for the right reasons….not just because he promised to take you out to dinner.

Check out the small print

Do you feel a glow when he looks at you? Be careful the glow can just as easily be lust. Is his smile genuine? Does it enrich his features?
When he holds your hand does he tell you that it’s better than holding a million dollars?
Does a light shine in his eyes? Check this out in daylight as well as moonlight!
At the start of a relationship everyone makes an extra –special effort but its whether he/she has the emotional stamina for the long run.
Making someone feel rich is when the little things mean a lot:
·         You bring her flowers when she least expects it.
·         You massage his back when you know he’s been working on that spreadsheet.
·          You look at yourself in the mirror and think how lucky you are.
·         Cuddling up together to watch an old film whilst feeding each other chocolates.
·         Reading poetry
·         Making  time to be alone
·         Laughing at mistakes – yours and his – after apologising
·         Watching a sunset
·         Listening to the dawn chorus
·         Cooking together
·         Looking into each other’s eyes at the end of a hard day
·         Helping with the housework
·         Repairing things that are broken
·         Looking at your children and feeling blessed
·         Walks in the woods appreciating nature and beauty
·         Kissing the tears away
·         Going to the cinema and sitting in the back row
·         Remembering that this person is your best friend
·         Planning little surprises (that money can’t buy)
·         You say and do those three little words in a variety of ways

Fun never grows old

These are your heart’s deepest desires and any or all of the above will keep it ticking and healthy. Your soul knows what you need but your mind is sometimes confused.
When your spiritual trinity work in unison and you know you’ve clicked with your life partner then you’ve struck gold bullion!

You might spend a long time looking but it’s a worthwhile pursuit. If people ask why you haven’t got a partner at least you can tell them straight: “ I never found someone who made me feel rich” so make sure you feel rich enough - all by yourself!

Feeling rich



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