Saturday, 29 October 2011

I came to win!

Why are we here? It’s a question that has plagued the great and the good – philosophers, poets, peasants and princes?
We have come here on trust. Someone has enough faith to know that we have a contribution to make in this precious place known as life. Of course we have never left. Life is a constant so we have come from somewhere, sojourning here and then we will move on.

It doesn't get much better than this!

Faith tells us that each of us has something we must do that cannot be done by another. The task, whether it be small or great, cannot achieve the correct result if done by another.
Therefore, however you do life, know that you are imperfectly perfect. Everything is in order except for one thing – the way we think – that’s where the greatest errors lie.
It’s taken me awhile...about 40 understand that I came to win. My life is the one race I’m finishing in style –but it’s not the rat race I left behind years ago.
On this particular leg of the race, I’m spending time doing some un-thinking:
You think you’re here to be like everyone else – no way.
You think you shouldn’t rock the boat – certainly not – sink those titanic doubts and surprise yourself with a new venture.
You think that you’re missing out when you don’t have or want what others have – that’s plain crazy – a designer kitchen never made anyone the quiet moments.

The greatest tragedy lies in our belief that we are here to please......keep everyone the bridge over troubled the shoulder to cry on.

We may find ourselves embroiled in scenarios where we are called to any or all of these things but when it becomes wearing to your spirit then it’s time to have a time-out.
The un-thinking process
No one  has all the answers; we’re all stumbling around in the dark until we notice shades of enlightenment penetrating the shroud that is life.
If your life’s too busy you won’t see them - so un-busy yourself fast! 

Busi-ness is not conducive to free thinking but solitude and a little bit of minding your own business will de-clutter the mental recesses.

Although we may want to help relieve another’s distress, we must feel strong within ourselves to do so. Too much relief can deplete our spiritual resources and you’ll know when it’s time to rest those tired  muscles. Hydrate yourself with confidence and bask in new found self esteem.
Spending alone time means that you become clear about why you’re here and when you must conserve or expend your energy.  You are not here to get too comfortable or live in state of abject discomfort. Leaving aside our bodies we have to be in emotional equilibrium.

When your mind gets stable and your heart moves past its bruises you’ll know what you’re here for and this will be your mantra:
“I came to win, to thrive, to prosper, to fly....” – oh yes I did! sense of worth - yay!

Winning is more about losing......losing those negative thoughts and people who constantly undermine your creative endeavours.

Winners are quietly heroic – they don’t get stuck – they may   limp, crawl, shuffle yet they move forward.....even if others think its at a snail’s pace.
Winning is a high risk strategy
Thriving is to know that you’re in process. Your mission is not yet accomplished so live each day with purpose.

It may not be your last but this day might be the last time you get a shot at making time for something or someone that you love.
To prosper is reach first base but to not rest on your laurels until you’ve reached the final destination – “don’t settle, stay hungry” is the unique philosophy of Mr Innovation himself – Steve Jobs.
Feel as high as a kite
To’s glorious release from the tyranny of your lower self.....when sweet wisdom (and uncommon sense) burst the banks of resistance within you’ll  be soaring.

You were born a champion and only when you believe you'll see  it so share it with the world.
Keep on running and see you at the finish line!



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