Saturday, 17 September 2011

Window on my world

Watching...the grass grow
I've had a new window fitted and what a difference it makes! The room has more light and, through it, the world looks brighter. Never thought that some plastic, wood and glass could be so uplifting.
 My world was not so bright when I had the old window. The frames were so rotted that they couldn't even hold in the glass! They were original 1930's quality and although they made it into the 21st century they were in need of retirement (and I hope they're enjoying a long happy one at the recycling plant!).
 Windows are important - not just to let in the light or to protect us from the wind and rain - but because we can see through them. There aren’t many things that show us a clear picture. Windows show us reality and, from the vista over my backyard, it's all too real but nothing I can't live with.
Over the rainbow
 It is what it is. My neighbour's garden is messy; mine’s average, another’s is pristine. They’re metaphors for love and conflict. It’s the end of summer and flowers are still abundant – splashes of yellow, orange, pink and white all this I see in glorious technicolor.  The view shows me a patchwork of roofs but what truly fascinates me is above…the blue yonder.
When I lie on the bed all I see is sky. It fills the room and I feel as if wrapped in marshmallow clouds.

In the morning, dawn comes gently as punctures of light appear. By day, buttermilk sunshine floods in and sometimes the rain  - that I love to watch rolling down the panes.  In the evening, the dusky pink and rage of orange herald a breath-taking sunset in my urban setting.  Swallows and magpies return to their nest, squirrels scramble into trees and our pet rabbit sits quietly, like me, watching – the stars, pinpricks of light on a dark velvet canvas.
I’m loathe to put up curtains or blinds. The window will then just seem functional, now it brings the feeling of magic.
Through my window, nature never fails to amaze and delight. The window is not special but what I see through it is – my backyard….a piece of earth and sky.



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