Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The will is more important than the skill

Your will - handle with care
In the modern world there’s a great emphasis on learning new skills and improving on the ones we already have. Learning is fun…..or its supposed to be….but all the fun is being squeezed out of it.

An education in wilfulness
This is mostly due to the pressurised conditions that we are forced to learn them in. Starting in school, childhood is no longer a joyful and carefree time. Children as young as seven are now expected to work towards and achieve their baseline, cognitive targets…otherwise there’s a problem and parents are hauled in to face the music. Making mistakes and or being at a different development level are no longer acceptable…according to teachers and government policy.

The frenetic pace of learning is not teaching anyone anything except to sweat the small stuff. The skills we’re expected to learn are keeping us distracted from seeing the value of our learning. All learning is not worthwhile. I’ve learnt a great many things that are just clutter in my mind and I aim to spend more time replacing them with healthier thinking. I didn’t acquire uncommon sense by chance!

Little Miss Super Achiever!
In any endeavour, the will is what triumphs in the hour of adversity. When you hit a wall, thinking alone will not break through it until it is transformed into solid actions. The transformation happens as a result of a strong will.

Will is purpose and intention behind the thought. People often feel challenged by the strong willed and they’ll do anything to put it down. Wilful children are admonished and sent to their rooms. Wilful teenagers are sometimes thrown out by their families and despised.

My parents are so difficult!
Being stubborn has its place and I agree that it’s not easy to deal with if you’re on the receiving end of it. If its your child be patient and remember that expression is better than repression.

If its your elderly parent you’ll have to bite your lip and remember that their minds live in one generation and their bodies in another. Whatever you do, listen -  but never discourage - and channel it into something meaningful. Help yourself by helping others find their destiny.

Don't be the weakest link
High achievers are stubborn, wilful, persistent, inflexible, tenacious, determined and down right pig-headed! The non-achievers with the above characteristics are losers playing the blame game.

Think of the greatest men and women in any field (vilains too) and you know what I’m talking about. You can’t “fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee” without a strong one!

A strong will says “Yes, we can!” A strong will is non-conformist.
A strong will can get you in and out of trouble!

The lady with defiance
Keep it strong and clean. Bear no ill will even if someone rains on your parade. Let it shine through the battles and conquer. By all means keep learning but ensure that it enhances and serves your mind and spirit. Learning can be instructive and some of it can be destructive – make sure you understand the difference.

Your will is unique and indomitable -  just like you!
I can  and I did!



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