Sunday, 1 July 2012

Marriage impossible and what Katie did next

Love Kats
This weekend we’ve been treated to the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. There’s nothing surprising about the break down of marital relations. Marriages are ever more commercialised as the union between two people is a means of trading in and trading up.
Let’s face the truth here…..a great many people marry out of sheer boredom and the belief that they are” in love “– with each other – hopefully.

It’s tricky to really believe you’re in love with just a person, especially when attached to that person comes a string of enticing objects - a stylish pad, a convertible, a wardrobe stuffed with designer names, an elite gym membership, a rising star in the financial sector who talks derivatives and hedge funds….now who wouldn’t fall in love with that?
In the case of  Mr Cruise he came fully loaded with bling of statusesque proportions but without a heart to match. At the start of their romance, Katie Holmes wasn’t concentrating on his heart; she had too many mega-stars in her eyes.
She was a wide-eyed, small town girl swept away by having one of the most coveted men in the world turn his attention to her. Oh yes, Mr Cruise was the biggest fish to land in her little pond.
She became dazzled by his gleaming, Hollywood, whitened teeth, his macho status and his powerful ego. What’s a girl to do…how should or could she resist? The Tom-Kat alliance was a disaster from the start.
Risky Business
Katie Holmes was a good, Catholic girl from Ohio. She found TV fame with a small part in “Dawson’s Creek” and, following a glamorous wedding in Rome, she found herself up the proverbial creek paddling for her life!
Marriage rarely matches up to the promises made in glorious cathedrals, mosques, temples and churches of Scientology.
Katie gave herself over to this celebrity cult because she believed in her man. Poor Katie, little did she know that believing in her man meant taking on his beliefs…even if they were irrational and non-scientific.
The Church of Scientology wants your mind, body and soul. This Church is no different to any other. All religion is mind control of some sort. Marriage and religion are a potent force in society.
It provides a sense of belonging and purpose to lost sheep. Since people enjoy being led down the garden path and fed a diet of half-truths and misconceptions religion capitalises on the weaknesses of human nature. “We’re all sinners” is their “positive” message. So we all indulge in more of it.
Experiment in gravity
It’s cited that Katie Holmes felt that her husband was controlled by the dictats of the Scientologists and imposed that regime on his wife and daughter. One of those directives is that their six year old daughter was to be treated as an adult.

This must be based on a scientific theory, in  that if you remove innocence and laughter and replace it with adult issues like fear, guilt and deceit, the world will be a better place!!?
Innocent party
Superstar status + luxury lifestyle does not equal a healthy love. Poverty + low, social position does not equal love either.
So what does? Shakespeare, a man with few luxury goods to his name, got it right when he said: true marriage is a marriage of minds.
What he omitted to say was that those minds can change, be improved, live on opposite sides of the globe in affluence  or a lowly state and still be considered a success. If thoughts are skillfully aligned and love administered daily then spirits will grow together.
You don't need to be anyone's arm candy!

Poverty of spirit is rabid in the  most opulent homes. Wealth and glamour do not make safe havens for your spirit. Katie knows it now but, initially, she was blinded by the bling.

Man of Scientology

Mr Cruise is  a man in love with himself. If you watch him in interviews he’s totally bought into the fantasy of being Messrs. Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Cocktail, 4th of July, War of the Worlds and Rain Man.

His heart is in his art and Scientology and they’re tough bedfellows for any woman to compete with.
Thank the God of Science that Katie finally came to her senses.
Mr Cruise will not be damaged by this divorce. He’ll get over it and will soon have another winsome starlet on his arm at the next premiere.
I’ve been where Katie Holmes has but in much down-sized terms. I was a good, Catholic girl, who married out out of my faith  thinking that love overcomes all barriers. My “Tom” didn’t have the wealth but certainly the ego was not too far off. A unique blend of patriotism, politics and bigotry eventually removed the stars from my eyes. I divorced the ideas that were being foisted on to me and now my spirit is clean and healthy.
Science and religion do not usually mix and neither do superstardom and a stable family life – you don’t have to be Einstein to know that.
Plenty more arm candy in the shop
Katie’s done the right thing. She’s leaving the dark side of her celebrity lifestyle behind. So the soon-to-be-ex Mrs Cruise has been successful in her mission – she found out the true value of her self-worth and leaves on a high note.



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