Sunday, 26 December 2010

Alone at Christmas - Joy to the world!

Joy of joys - that day of days is over.....Christmas......I for one am glad! I can sit alone on Boxing Day and enjoy
the peace and quiet. Call me a humbug but Christmas is a time to be alone. It's time to take stock - to look back and forwards - what a year and how well you've done to survive it - the overconsumption and the hype!

 Christmas is for they say....well let dysfunction and chaos reign. Isn't family life far from harmonious any other day so why do we make such a pretence for Christmas? The reason is that most of us have not grown up and stopped believing in other people's fairy tales - Bros. Grimm and Hans Christian!! Some of us are stuck permanently in our very own fairy story....with a wicked employer...and eating the poisoned eating unhealthily since our emotions are so toxic.

Christmas is not about bells, holly, miseltoe or Mr Claus. Christmas is a time of peace. All I want for Christmas is a piece of peace in my heart.


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