Wednesday, 7 September 2011

An appointment with disappointment!

A disappointment is just a date with destiny. I’ve had my share and so have you.
When you are disappointed it feels like a disaster, complete emotional devastation. When you are on the receiving end of all manner of things that don’t go right you feel a failure. From not getting the grades you expected in your exams, a flat tyre when you have to be somewhere important, snagging your best tights, to not getting that important promotion. Life is full of them – big or small – each of them hurts.
With each disappointment comes a regret - a whole heap of “if only’s” and “buts”. You know you should have been working much harder during those revision weeks instead of wasting time trawling through the internet looking for your prom dress, you should have learnt how to change a tyre while there was still a man in your life to teach you, you should have trimmed your toe nails before putting on the tights and you should have quit your job and moved on a long time ago.
Disappointing decay
Disappointments are a prickly subject. Some people keep endless lists of their tally and regularly throw a pity party to air their grievances. These kind of people are better at nursing their bruised egos than they are of taking care of their souls. Others are more stoic and pretend that they don’t care but deep, down the pain never goes away.
Its raining opportunities!

A disappointment is a sharp learning curve. You learn something from it….in time….once the pain has subsided. Disappointments can turn out to be blessings. That’s a tough thing to get your head around when everything looks bleak.

Failure in an exams can force you to travel a new path and seek your true destiny instead of chasing after someone else’s dream; the flat tyre on your wedding day was an omen and post divorce you are wiser, snagging your tights that day meant you were late for the cocktail party but bumped into an old school friend on the way and not getting the promotion meant that you were free to quit.
Disappointments are not the end. They mark a new phase in your life, a fork in the road and which bend will you take? Disappointments make you scrutinize yourself and the world around you. Once you get over your disappointment you get bold with “what the heck? moments and declarations of “who cares?”. Whatever you do with disappointment don’t play the blame game; there are no winners in that.
Don't let a mishap become a disappointment
Disappointments force you to  re-evaluate and change tactics. Disappointments are a reality check – “what the hell were you thinking?!!” – sort of therapy.
What you find disappointing your destiny knows is perfect. Karma is in the driving seat and a disappointment is an emergency stop.  And for God’s sake – stop! Stop doing whatever it was that led to disappointment. Yes, a disappointment can put you down but down is never out!
D.... for delicious!
Despite my indulgence here you should never dwell on disapointments….it’s the quickest route to getting disappointed all over again.  You can only ever have what you believe you deserve so refine your thoughts and make an appointment for a mental makeover… that’s exactly what you deserve.
And when life gives you spilt milk….. go make custard!



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