Saturday, 19 November 2011

Seven billion's a crowd

The world population is hitting 7 billion – that’s what the pundits tells us and some parts are particularly crowded – like Bangladesh, India, UK and the Netherlands. It appears that land space is running out for those born in the 21st century. The usual outcry in developed countries is that current landspace is filled up with economic migrants and that immigration is out of control. I don’t care to discuss government policy as I believe that there is more than enough resources for everyone (if they were shared more freely). I wonder if the Creator and his design team made a few errors of judgement!!
I take issue with the quality of citizenry rather than the quantity of inhabitants of planet earth. If the world was under-populated other problematic features would emerge. This is a problem without solution and I’m merely sharing my thoughts on this humongous subject.
Rush hour!
The world needs people and people need their world. Without people it would feel all rather pointless, lifeless and plain dull! People bring innovation, excitement and creativity into this world – that’s why we’re special. So where does it all go wrong? Where’s the flaw in the blueprint of the homo sapien?
Its all in the mind- how true! It’s not just about seven billion land locked bodies but it’s what in those seven billion minds that can create harmony or hatred. I’m concerned about the growth of the world population from a mental standpoint. Who are these minds? How have they developed and in what direction? Are they healthy or harbouring the unwholesome?
The like-minded are few
I live in a densely populated country and yet I find it hard to hook up with like-minded people. The microscopic portion of the 7 billion that I encounter I have very little in common with – and that includes some family members. If we are unable to connect mentally how do we communicate? Very poorly – with many a misunderstanding, several confrontations and hideous arguments. In fact, a great many of the 7 billion are not even speaking and are engaged in war – be it silent or bloody!
Seven billion people can be trying…..and the few amongst them are awesome. It should be noted that the awesome are loners….and though they may not enjoy the company of too many of their fellow men…these few are highly sought after.

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Oh yes, there’s seven billion people but you can’t find a decent one to love….if  dating websites are anything to go by. Seven billion people and still that special someone is elusive. Seven billion people in the world and you can’t find the right person for the job. Seven billion people in the world and there’s still no room at the inn. Seven billion people trying to get the best out of life. Seven billion people but you can’t get the trains to run on time.
Seven billion people but there’s not enough caring and compassion to prevent abuse and neglect.  Seven billion people who will be all too quick to judge and condemn – imagine seven billion pointing fingers!  Seven billion precious people who can’t organize this world to make it a better place for us all!

7 billion changes for the better!

I’m one of the seven billion and I’m still working it out. I guess if seven billion made the world a better place there’d be no need for heaven. If seven billion people each donated a $1 to a worthy cause their hearts would be a little richer. Seven billion people can change the world but it all starts with me so…move over..... and gimme some room!



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