Sunday, 25 March 2012

Some days are like diamonds

Diamond life

When spring arrives after a long winter, it peeks through the curtain and streams  in like a strip of liquid gold.  As you look out of the window, you notice  buds and fresh gossamer leaves on branches waiting to burst into abundant life. The sky is an azure canvas and birds flit along it carried by a soft breeze.  In the tall grasses insects stir and the caterpillar pregnant in his chrysalis awaits metamorphosis.

And so the day is born and it feels good to be alive. I feel my spirits soar and my consciousness expand to reach the tree tops. I feel as if I know what it is to look upon the world from afar. From a distance how exotic it all seems, a kaleidoscope of changing colours and textures, a patchwork of rough terrain, fields interspersed with a highways, train tracks and concrete edifices – man’s co-existence with nature. 

We think life is good if we have a well kept home, four wheel drive, life insurance, pension plan, holiday home, poker straight hair, a toned body, spandex, electronic reader and latest telescopic mascara. These are things and any thing that aids happiness is conditional and prone to decay. We may gain a feeling of comfort but you won't give a damn about any of the above when the chips are down. 

I like to keep an inventory of the simple things: sunshine on my shoulders, the wind in my hair, toes in the sand, a warm smile, a deep hug, kisses on my face, moonlight, fireflies, shadows and silhouettes.
When I think of these sweet things, my cup runneth over. Joy is unleashed into my soul and I  just get happy for no reason as I dwell in that moment. All’s well in my world and I cherish the peace and happiness that that thought alone brings.

Not every day can be the same and not every day sparkles. In fact sometimes the day feels as if its made of fake rubies. It hangs wearily on my shoulders as I carry the burden of an unfulfilled life. It can’t be any other way until I’ve conquered pain and know that it’s a gift. A gift that, most of the time, I’d rather not receive. But who am I to refuse? Why not me?   

When life gives you lemons...add vodka!
Every day teaches something new. The 365 days that come and go have hidden problems, puzzles, quirks, quandaries, rhymes and reason. When we miss the bus, lose an earring, bang our heads and  burn the dinner,  it’s a disaster….or feels like it….but there’s nothing that’s thrown at us in a day that we can’t get over.

It’s helpful not to take life too seriously then we’ll breathe easier and laugh in the face of our challenges. Laughter is contagious and a fit of  giggles is like a fountain of diamonds poring forth.

Happy for the sake of it
There’s nothing so precious as a light heart. Throw your troubles away sometimes and watch them float down the glistening river.

When the dark days come remember the light and summery bliss. Hold on to it in your head and heart. Diamond days are for sharing so pass on the sunshine.



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