Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nobody's Angel

Today, the world wakes up to the sad news of the death of Whitney Houston. She was a singer, performer and global icon. Her gift was her voice which had a magnificence and power that surpassed anything that could be called mere talent. This she was born with and it came out of her like a spring – natural and even holy. 

When we watch “American Idol” and “The X Factor” we see  auditionees who have  raw talent that require development through mentoring. These potential candidates for stardom have to wait in line and count votes to reach the peak. They have to slog through, face disappointment, criticism and rejection. It’s by far the toughest route to fame.

Whitney needed no such help during her life. She was blessed and, in recent weeks, she herself acknowledged that during an interview. She was born to a gospel singer, her god mother was Aretha Franklin and cousin, Dionne Warwick. Her ”audition” for world fame was sealed in church as she performed along side her mother. The world knows greatness when it hears it and Whitney had it all… her voice, her looks and aura.

Those we consider to “have it all” often don’t. Their hearts and minds our very like ours – fragile and easily misled,  feeling the force and breaking down, thinking we know it all then finding we’re clueless in the face of challenge. 
Inner strength does not reveal itself until the hard times come and either we harness it and swim through    our troubles or we sink - one shot at a time.

The Climb of your life
In Whitney’s case she was sinking but no one really knew how to help. Previously married to fellow singer, Bobby Brown, she did not find happiness in that relationship. Relationship baffles us all…..why can’t we find the love of our life….why can’t it be like……why didn’t I…..what am I missing here?

Whitney, no doubt suffered, trying to find that elusive thing that would give her lasting inner peace and happiness.  Her quest drove her to seek refuge in drugs and alcohol.

The painful truth is that there’s no one or no thing that can fix you, though you might try many fixes in your lifetime – food, prescription drugs, money, mansions, men, marriage, parenthood and a private jet!
Life is a journey towards wholeness and a good many of the above are a hindrance and help along the way.

Whitney’s experience of life was a lot greater and grander than most ordinary folk but it was no less arduous. Her personal struggle to find equilibrium has been the loneliest road of all and one that she’ll now pursue on a higher plane.

Candle in the wind
Although wealth provides great opportunities it also poses a dilemma. When the mundane aspects of our life are taken care of then we have to confront the demons within. When we conquer one then out comes another and another. Whitney fought hard against them but, in the end, her spirit weakened and she succumbed.

She’ll be remembered for posterity for casting a light through music. The light of Whitney will never dim and I had the privilege of seeing a live performance in 1988 in London. She was at the height and the edge of her glory. She’s quoted as saying that she was “no angel”, and no one of us are, but she’ll always be everyone’s sweetheart.

Fly free Whitney!



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