Thursday, 16 February 2012

It's not about the's about the love

Anyone who’s watched the Secret Millionaire series knows what a heartwarming piece of television it is. Its one of the best money shows I know and provides an insight into why we all need a little more prosperity…and generosity.

This is when a millionaire or multi-millionaire goes undercover and stays a week in a poor neighbourhood. After he gets to know the local community he has to choose individuals or charities that he wishes to help. He parts with a minimum of $100k for deserving causes.

Love trader
This programme reveals the challenges faced by ordinary people who live below the breadline, some with disability, health problems and personal issues that have rendered them homeless, jobless and powerless. Under normal circumstances, a millionaire and a pauper would never cross paths until now.

It’s quite a wrench for a millionaire to leave his sprawling mansion and live amongst people from a lower social stratum. He has to exist on a meagre allowance and give up all his home comforts. The millionaires start off with judgmental attitudes but its not long before these are broken down.

Impoverished neighbourhoods look out for each other no matter how much bad press they receive. Many good people engage in helping one another no matter how difficult their own situation. They are like diamonds in the dirt, shining their light so that another may have light for his own path. This does not happen in affluent areas. More often than not, a millionaire has little or no contact with his neighbours – they’re all too busy chasing the next buck.

Feel the love
The genuine spirits of downtrodden and disadvantaged people shine through the despair to achieve marvelous things. This is altruism at work in those who are pure of heart. Amongst the needy are people who are inspirational and dedicated to making life a little better for their fellow men. These Good Samaritans are working tirelessly and asking for little or no reward.

Even the most hardened cynic will crumble in the face of the selflessness and sacrifice some individuals show. And so the millionaires see the other side of life which reminds them of their own backgrounds since they came up the hard way too.

To be wealthy is like being wrapped in soft and silky layers. The stark realities are no more than passing images on a screen. Its someone else’s life, not mine! This piece of reality television peels away those layers and, stripped off their houses, cars, businesses, and family, the real person emerges. 

I’m pleased to say that nearly all of the millionaires featured are good, decent people – with and without their money. They deserve their success as much as the recipients deserve the money.

It’s the exchange of love that is the most powerful thing and, more often than not, my tears mingle with theirs. Our faith in humanity is restored and our belief in compassion and kindness further strengthened. Though we feel as if we live in ivory towers we really don’t. We’re not untouchable. Thoughtfulness and kindness can move us as much as it can move mountains.

This is life changing TV since both parties experience transformation. The money is changed into love for the needy and the millionaire is enriched by his simple act of giving. The millionaire receives far more than he gives. His heart is softened and rippling with generosity. It feels good to give and he knows that to give is to truly live. It’s a win-win situation and that’s what the good life is all about.

Money is not evil. We need more of it in the world - not less - but it must be placed in the hands and hearts of those who strive for justice and equality.  The world is not so unbalanced as we think and God does not make any mistakes. The haves and the have-nots each come to fulfil the other.

Nevertheless, man and money do not make good bed fellows unless the superior being  is in control and money should never be master. When you feel love surging through your heart, tears of joy spilling from your eyes and your spirit soaring like a supersonic jet you’ll know……it’s not about the money.



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