Sunday, 8 April 2012

Resurrection and reinvention

Today is Easter Sunday and although I’m not overtly religious I still acknowledge the joy felt my ardent Christians at this special time in the Church’s calendar. The risen Christ symbolizes hope, faith and the belief that a baptism of fire can lead you to salvation.

Our senses deceive us. If vision is a brain process then we’re all seeing the same thing but with differing interpretations. One of us sees the cross as an edifice that a man was put to death on; another sees the cross as man’s liberation; another sees suffering as a thing of value and others believe that suffering is pointless.

Resurrection laughs in the face of death. When death deals you its hand; resurrection holds the trump card. Resurrection alone is a flimsy thing. It’s almost a circus act of rising from the dead.  Just imagine if people who had passed on came back as they were.

Though we miss loved ones who have passed away we really wouldn’t wish them back. How would it be if they re-entered the same situation? If they were employed would you want them to return to their former professions? If they were dealing with an illness or terminal condition would you want to see them again in that state? If they were less than good humoured and with anger management issues would you want to be around them again? If they were sweet natured would you want them to return and smile through the pain?

Life is not a bowl of cherries for anyone; no matter how perfect everything looks on the outside. We have no idea of the personal battles people are engaged in. So death comes as a reprieve but , in our last moments, we take with us our feelings, thoughts and aspirations….yes our spirit will be along for the ride.

So what can we do to have the best possible passing? We must crucify our negative thought patterns and behaviours. Resurrecting our best attitudes and thoughts that we have about ourselves and others will enhance daily life. Every day, you experience rebirth and with that comes re-invention.

Reinvention is not passive. It’s meaningful action – lifting a heavy heart with kind words, forgiving the person who makes you feel bad when you give them the power to, bolstering your self-esteem by energizing your spirit; being calm in the midst of a storm; replacing ignorance with self-knowledge; remembering that you are the solution.

Once you reinvent yourself you’ll see things differently. You’ll notice the little things.  People who knew you before will not recognize you. You may be ostracized as you don’t fit in. You won’t have too many close friends. You’ll enjoy being alone. You’ll find yourself smiling for no reason. You’ll find yourself emotionally secure, no relying on anyone to make you feel better when you’ve had a bad day. You’ll find that you have enough. You’ll stop playing the blame game. You’ll feel good to be alive. You’ll find your passion . You’ll travel and collect worthwhile experiences. Your heart will be lighter and there’ll be a spring in your step. These are all signs of reinvention.

Resurrection lifts you higher and reinvention is the birth of a new you. 



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