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Woman - how she grows

China doll
Select parents who have emotional intelligence and a love of learning. They don’t have to be perfectly matched but they must not be complete opposites.

Remember your little seed is going to follow an example so make it a good one!

As a baby, look into her eyes. Laugh and smile a lot and what you give out will be reflected back to you.

Cheeky monkey!
Let her get messy and roll around the floor and have tantrums – it’s normal. Never silence her when she has something to say. A girl has to be allowed to feel and express her feelings.

Shower her with love and affection in the early years but also instil discipline.

To learn compassion and appreciation, show her the under-privileged and how the other half live.

Through understanding injustice she will acquire kindness.

Talk to her honestly about the ways of the world. Help her understand duality – the coexistence of good and evil.

Primadonna girl
She needs to know that love is the most abused word, state and concept in the universe. Love is many things to many people and, what some people call love, is highly damaging.

When she’s going through difficult teenage times, stand back and let her make some mistakes. She cannot develop resilience and resourcefulness unless she has experience of challenge and controversy.

Encourage her to move her body in sport or dance. Don’t let her just be a book worm holed up for hours in her room. Let her feel the surge of joy (and blood) when body and spirit are unleashed.

Education is life-long learning not just for making the grade and competing with others.

Limit social media

Place restrictions on her gadgets. Computer time is not more important than family time.

Teach her that eating healthily is vital to her inner and outer beauty. Fruit and vegetables are a girl’s best friend!

 Let her develop a strong father-daughter bond. Since he’s the first man in her life that makes him a hero…..and heros have a lot to live up to. If he lets her down then explain why – the male ego is highly dysfunctional and some fathers will never be heros.

Daddy's girl

When she is young, help her develop a positive body image by letting her show it off….with modesty and as a child of her time and fashion.

Friendship is important but true friends will never amount to more than a handful – choose well.

Travel will broaden her mind and she must do lots of it – whether at home or abroad – there’s no better education.

Choosing a husband/partner/significant other will be like walking through an emotional minefield.  
She should let go of an ideal but be true to her ideas. If he doesn’t match up to the latter then drop him like a ton of bricks!

Tell her that guilt and fear are poisons. Never allow her self-esteem to be infected by them.

Here comes trouble.....
Believe in her and support her. Use tough love when it’s necessary and send her positive thoughts in each moment whether you are apart or together.

There’ll be bad guys in her life but explain that there is a higher purpose and she must rise above them - never to be dragged down by them or even stay on their level.

Never expect anyone to take care of you; no matter how much he melts your heart!

Physical beauty is fleeting but inner beauty never fades. Cultivate beauty from within.

It’s important to forge a career for financial independence. She may have to do single parenting and her financial position will be vital to her well-being.

Pride & joy

Follow a passion and make it a life’s work.

Advise her never to tolerate a bully – for love or money. If he’s your significant other  -ditch him and if he’s your boss – quit!

Maturing nicely
 Anger is appropriate but not if it is used to demean another person. Talk over your frustrations with someone whom you feel safe with.

Never seek approval; it really doesn’t matter what others think. Do not strive to fit in.

Establish independendence of mind; its the sweetest state. Control freaks strictly prohibited!

Teach her that it is never wrong to let go. Letting go is true freedom and self-expression.

60 years young!

Lead by example and tell her that age is just a number if you keep your mind drinking from the fountain of youth.



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