Sunday, 21 October 2012

Soul Satisfaction

Everyone has a book inside them that’s crying to be let out. I know this only too well and there's more than a few blockbusters in me! This blog has been my greatest creative outlet and I feel blessed that there are a number of you that stop by for a quick read of my uncommon sense. 

In this post, I’d like to introduce a newly published author, Carolyn Field, who gave me some life coaching  a few years ago. Carolyn is a fellow traveller on the journey of self-discovery; she’s a lover of words and timeless wisdom. I’m thrilled that she has poured all of her unique insights into a little book: 
Soul Satisfaction; Live your Dream, Change the World ( 

If you’ve ever been consumed by the darkness (of mind and spirit) then this book is a mini spiritual survival kit. Soul searching is what we do but,  too often, we’re looking in the wrong places.Carolyn’s book is a light on the path to fearlessness where ultimate power is the ability to not have to please anyone but your heart’s calling. Carolyn shows how we can step up to this responsibility through her personal experiences. If satisfaction comes from doing what you love then this book will help you access the joy that accompanies every dark night of the soul.

Wise wishes from Wisdomona

Soul Satisfaction

Live your Dream, Change the World

By Carolyn Field

The story of my minibook started four years ago with a startling one word message that has changed the course of my life. A word appeared on the radio in the car in which I was travelling. The music stopped. I glanced across the dashboard to see what had happened and there, where the radio station had been, was the word ‘learn’. 

I stared at it believing that tiredness had produced a trick of the eyes. I expected it to clear and blend back to the usual familiar words but this did not happen. The word remained until a dawning fear of something I could not understand prompted me to switch off the radio and continue my journey in tense silence. 

Soon after, my life began to change in stressful, unsettling ways. My job came to an end and I could not find another, this lead to unprecedented financial pressures. Try as I might I could not restore my former life.  The last few years have proved to be challenging, pushing me to the edge of my comfort zone and beyond. I know now that this has had to be. I have been a shadow of myself, forgetting who I am, forgetting to be who I am.  Then it found me. The answer that made me ask the question. The answer is satisfaction. The question is how can we get it? 

When I began writing, the writing appeared on the page before I had even thought it through.  The writing revealed something that made me gasp inwardly. My minibook reveals a truth, a simple secret that I have now learned and understood. That life is not supposed to be hard. You and I are not supposed to suffer or be frustrated or have to suppress our needs, desires, gifts and talents. You and I are supposed to live a life of profound satisfaction. 

Soul satisfaction. I have learned that all I need to be is ... ME. The best ME that I can be and the more of the best me I can be, that I am, the more true soul satisfaction I can feel. How you and I can help heal our world, end suffering and spread peace by living a life of satisfaction is the message of my little minibook.



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