Sunday, 20 January 2013

Your money or your wife?

Money and spouses are easily taken for granted. We always expect to have some money and perhaps more than one partner (if we don’t get it right the first time) in our lifetimes.

We don’t like to admit it but we often value money over our loved ones. A good many relationship breakdowns are caused by either having too much or too little money. In the case of the former, once you have achieved a proper state of wealth, (when your speculations have nicely accumulated) and when all the necessary luxuries are affordable and easily disposed of and replaced, then that’s a great feeling of security. In contrast, too little can make you feel like a lesser mortal and you’re constantly striving to keep the wolf, bailiffs and tax man from the door!

In times of hardship or affluence, the emotional casualties are our loved ones. In the case of high net worth individuals, they are usually time poor and tend to focus all their personal resources on growing their business, their career and most importantly, their ever lucrative investments. A rich man may not get through the eye of a needle but his Amex card will surely open the doors of the Ritz! Hard up folks are often depressed and dejected with their lot and it’s never easy living with someone who’s poor in spirit and out of pocket!

Wealth can be ugly and beautiful and it depends entirely on the holder of the spondoolicks. When intelligence is added into the mix (especially the emotional kind) that’s when you’ll separate the men from the boys. A real man (wealthy or otherwise) knows that a good woman (or man) in his life is worth more than a ton of money lying in the bank. But wealth brings blindness with it and it's easy to forget about the colour, energy and drive that a supportive partner provides.  Unless you truly value the things that money cannot buy, the first disposable item in a rich man’s life is his wife. 

Take the recent case of ueber-wealthy  UK businessman, Scot Young, who had built up a fortune with his Midas touch. He appeared happily married with two daughters but the marriage broke down and what did he do? Hide his wealth so that his ex couldn’t touch it. Since his wife was a rich woman too (as a woman married to a wealthy man usually is) she hired private investigators and forensic accountants to search for his hidden wealth. The investigators were unable to unearth any clues and a judge this week jailed Mr Young for six months for contempt of court as a result of non-disclosure of his assets.The most telling cirumstance that Mr Young is indeed guilty is that he has a shiny, new toy in his life....a much younger girlfriend!

Of course, Mrs Young is right to fight for half of her ex's wealth as she no doubt had a hand in helping him reach the heady heights of affluence; but I fear it will all come to naught. Mr Young will continue to defy court orders and will happily remain in prison for the short term. His money is far more important than his wife!

This sorry tale tells us that Mr and Mrs Young loved their money more than each other….and I sympathise…once the love has gone…. perhaps it is the money that’s more attractive!
Priceless bundle 
When you have love, money doesn’t matter a damn. Only someone who truly loves understands that and a good few million on planet earth haven’t a clue about the depth of such love.

When you’re loved one is taken from you in tragic circumstances, your heart aches for a lifetime. Once you’ve experienced unconditional love, you’ll know it’s a gift from heaven and, all the money in the world, pales beside it. Spiritual love has nothing to do with money but has a lot to do with things that touch your heart. An unexpected caress or kind word from your partner when you’re feeling low can make the sun shine in winter. Your love is my love and your pain is mine too should be written into wedding vows.

Alot of men who may be stranded on desert island would choose to be stranded with their money than their wife. They falsely believe that money can rescue them, in some way, even though another ship may not come by for years. I’ve always said that when rich (and mean) men die, they need two coffins – one for their body and the other for their possessions. It’s not often a man will choose his wife over his money

Drowning in it
From this analysis, you may note that it’s better to be neither rich or poor….and then perhaps you’ll feel comfortable (and less threatened) with your money and your wife.



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