Tuesday, 18 December 2012

America...bite that bullet!

One more angel in heaven
Another gun tragedy and another wake-up call for America to review its gun laws. Trust me, they won’t. The gun lobby is one of the strongest and most vociferous. They can wax lyrical about why it’s important to carry a gun for protection; the right to defend themselves from attack. America still thinks of itself as gun slingers in the Wild West…..and that’s primitive thinking for the most powerful country in the world.

Let mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters weep but it will change nothing. America is resistant to change and to life enhancing strategies . America has problems…big ones….ones that they’ve created to which they can find no solution.

Take the parent of the shooter, Nancy Lanza. She’s reported to be a Doomsday prepper and is one of the devotees of survivialist propaganda. She was stockpiling for the end of the world…next week. What has happened to rational thinking? Why do a great many US citizens take these theories seriously? I don’t know of anywhere else in the world where scare-mongering like this works. Most of us in other parts of the world are grateful to have another day, even if it proves to be our last.

Tears for fears
I think it’s a big country mentality; the buildings, cars, roads, homes and food are bigger but the brain has not enlarged to match. Of course, it’s easy for me to talk….I live in a small-ish country where police don’t go on routine patrols with guns. Police here prefer to err on the side of caution and the law states that every man is innocent until proven guilty. The law is to be upheld not taken into our own hands.

Pro-life means being anti-gun – simple? Not so for our brothers across the pond. They need to protect themselves from “the enemy”!!? I thought it was every Christian’s duty to love their enemies or at least make peace with them. Perhaps there is a way to love someone after you’ve pumped them with a few bullets!

The gun culture is a smoke screen for savagery. The lobbyists in favour of holding on to dangerous weaponry will wear the biggest grin when talking about their private arsenal. If you ask me, they should stick it where the sun don’t shine. Those who live by the gun will die so….and Adam Lanza, was no doubt following his mother’s example in seeing guns as powerful.

Guns hurt people. 28 people from Sandy Hook , Connecticut will not be sharing Christmas with their families. There’ll be an empty space in those homes and in many a heart. This tragedy has touched the world. Many people are numb through grief but, around the world, people are also numb with disbelief….that America can’t work it out.

He can do it...with your help...yes he can!
If you want to reduce people’s exposure to crime, for both perpetrators and victims, then remove weapons of mass destruction. If you believe in life then defend it, minus a gun. No one needs a gun unless they’ve got mischief on their mind. I don’t believe it’s ever acceptable to have children and guns under the same roof.

America, I urge you to big up on compassion, take this bull by the horns and stop the slaughter of more innocents. This is not the first school massacre and it won’t be the last. Fear is the evil in your society and it’s senseless to point a gun at it.  America has to bite the bullet in reducing public access to guns.

Land of the brave; be brave. It takes more courage to lay down a weapon than squeeze the trigger. It’s not macho; it’s sick……. to count bodies instead of blessings.













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