Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Empire Strikes Back!

A leading British historian has stated that he no longer recognizes the country he was born in. Neither do I and I wasn’t born here!I am an immigrant sandwiched between the first and second generation. My parents were economic migrants but their heritage was intricately and uniquely intertwined with the British culture long before they ever stepped onto these shores.

The race I belong to is an offshoot of the British Empire. We are the beige- skinned products of the British colonies. The light skinned rulers were attracted to their darker skinned subjects so a new breed was born through inter-marriage and more than a few rolls in the hay. Wild oats were sown and grew into a mixed-race of English speaking wannabees. Not only did they speak English but the also looked English and had English surnames to boot.

These were the aspirational minority almost crushed under the weight of the majority’s traditionalism that were committed to throwing out the regime. The resented their authority and pledged to dis-continue the good work (that had been started) in establishing roads and railways. True, the British feathered their own nests but they left behind a grand legacy that the indigenous folk were unable to live up to.

An English country garden
When “civilization” comes to the village; it’s not always allowed to stay. This is a small island whose inhabitants have gargantuan egos and their politics speak for themselves:

·        - a 25 year war with a minority of hard-working migrants, whose only crime is to be more hard-working than   the natives (who feel shown up)
  th -  harassment of the English-speaking minority by prohibiting their language from their schools

·       -   human rights record……what human rights? If you’re a woman or child you’re seriously disadvantaged and …..if you believe in free speech….forget it!!

This is a place that my parents escaped from with their 20 month old daughter and 3 month old son. In the 60’s they travelled by ship and were embraced by the Empire where the climate was cold but the welcome warm.With hardly any money and only the clothes on their back, enduring hardship and trampling snow underfoot for the first time, they marched bravely through the years to make their tiny mark on the Empire. 

At home with the English
They were proud to be British, speak English, integrate and adopt British customs. It felt special to come into the bosom of the motherland and be part of a great nation that conquered (and sometimes divided). The Empire was not perfect but no government ever is.

Forty-five years has passed since my parents arrived and the new immigrants of today are a far cry from the ones of the last century.

New immigrants have not left much behind at all. In fact, too many have brought their chattels, weak minds, mean spirits and satellite dishes with them. They can’t (or don’t want to integrate) so they pour scorn over the Empire. They look for the negatives and finding them, latch onto any like-minded no hoper who will listen and agree with them.

The fact that they remain in the country, enjoy the generous benefits of the welfare system whilst dissing the rulers is totally lost on them. They are the cultural ignorami who value their own twisted values above those that were established with life and liberty in mind.

A game from the paddy fields?
The British Empire has put up with a lot since they gave independence to its colonies. You might think that these patriots, who were struggling for independence, could enjoy it but, the educated classes were the first to flee. It’s far better having a developed foreigner making laws rather than have your less educated contemporaries pushing you around and lining their own pockets.

Gandhi is a famous freedom fighter who wanted the British out of India. Was self-government a wise move? Historians are divided. Gandhi wanted a return to traditional values. He believed in the power of the spinning wheel and the right for every villager to earn a living from his Craft. He championed the removal of the caste system but, as his life was cut short, so were his objectives.

Who lives in a house like this?
You can’t teach the unteachables and the block heads who can’t see the wood for the trees. If wisdom comes quietly then so does progress. We cannot force a good thing until the corresponding party changes perspective and sees it as a good thing. However we must protect the legacy of freedom and justice; even if it’s not deemed profitable to the short termists.

I love the British Empire and all that it stands for. I see colonization as a positive thing; in fact we still need “caretakers” for certain developing countries in the grip of war and famine. I am thankful that my parents chose to come here and I believe I chose my parents for this reason. I was not destined to grow up in the country of my birth – thank God!

The Brits are OK

Some say that the Empire is dead or dying. Of course, those are the very people who are trying to kill it. 
As long as there is a British heritage and culture, Royal weddings and babies (that have the world agog), Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and telephone boxes…the Empire will live on… get over it!



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