Saturday, 2 November 2013

It's in his DNA!

Finally, in the 21st century, we can stop ruminating and surmising about  the good, bad and plain ugly qualities that make a satisfactory partner for the liberated new age woman.

In days of yore, there was talk that a man had to have the right sort of credentials to become the arm candy of the day – a tweed jacket, handlebar moustache, a touch of chivalry and a stiff, upper lip! The “it” in that time used to be “in his kiss” but through scientific advances we now know that we were being fooled. A functioning brain was superfluous as the increase in divorces indicate.

Nowadays, we’re so much more clued up about what a woman wants in a man – healthy DNA!! Yes, it’s genes (not jeans or manners) that maketh a healthy man. It’s not just his look that matters but how he’s hard-wired.  Can he serenade you, dance and put on a show? If he can hold his own in those three disciplines then it’s in his DNA.

We can’t always trust ourselves to accept that DNA is the reason for his weaknesses but perhaps the boy/man just can’t help it! He’s kind and gentle, he’s arrogant and pig-ignorant. He treats you like a princess then orders you to the scullery when he’s had a bad day. A man of a million mood swings and roundabouts….when’s good…he’s very, very, good but when he’s bad……he flips!!

You can’t just lay the blame on poor parenting since his poor mother doesn’t even understand him. It’s a quirk of nature that can make him a heart throb or a plain, old slob.

So how does free will affect DNA? It does and it doesn’t. Free will is a bad idea for anyone indecisive or with low self-esteem. Free will  is not so different to “Free Willy” – it’s a humongous responsibility to use our senses and grey matter to do the right thing. Often DNA will interfere in this process.

When we want to speak our mind, we recall the time when expressing an opinion was a dangerous thing. Our fight and flight tendencies are built into our DNA but courage is sadly not. DNA does not make us more or less braver than the next person. The unscientific evidence is that both human and inaction has left an impression on individual DNA. Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests that humans will adapt to their situation and react only if there’s a threat to survival.
Dog's best friend & DNA buddies!

My conclusion is that his DNA is a threat to your development. Giving in to his DNA is the slippery relationship slope that you’ll suffer many an injury on. The worst case scenario is to mingle your DNA and his but from that you will get some respite once the little darlings go off to university.  
Good cop/bad cop….it’s in his DNA. His credentials don’t mean a thing.
 Just stay clear and Don’t Navigate A**holes!!



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