Monday, 17 June 2013

Angels and Demons

Angels are people who don’t know that they are. They seem to be able to rise to most challenges presented to them. They appear to be able to swallow the most bitterest of pills without batting their eyelids or ingesting a spoonful of sugar.


Of course, it’s not that easy and their private struggle and agony is hidden from our view but they are courageous and resilient people. They don’t cave in and become a hostage of their negative emotions, they don’t take the easy way and cry on too many shoulders. They’re built of sterner stuff and when the going gets tough….they stay the course.


Life is an assault course as there’s rarely a time in your life when you’re not assaulted by darker side of human nature. Even though we may naturally gravitate towards the light, like all living things we need light to grow, the darkness enshrouds us. When worry and despair blind you to the blessings in your life then you know you’re taking a walk on the dark side.


Demons are more easily found that angels. That’s because they’re instantly recognisable. Who can ignore a raised voice or fist? Who can avoid a blow if the demon is hell bent on destroying you? Fear is a demon’s calling card. If you’ve known (and live in) fear then a demon has managed to penetrate your emotional defences. You’ve been weak and your life path needs altering.


Life is not something that just is. It’s a jigsaw made up of light, dark, straight, crooked, smooth and rough pieces. Jigsaws made up of wood or card do fit together; there’s an unmistakable order which reveals the finished picture… long as we don’t lose any of the pieces. The devil is the jigsaw and the angel the completed picture.


Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces don’t seem to fit. When does an angel and a demon ever go together?? In real life, they do. I’m sure you know an angel or two (including yourself) that’s got entangled with a demon. The bestial nature of man will surface in any form – mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife and friend. Man’s godly nature thrives too but how does an angel take a demon into its fold?


Havoc is the result of such an action. But what about the case for forgiveness? Can a demon be changed into an angel and an angel trade its wings for horns? Yes, yes, yes…that’s the eternal dilemma – what should a fragile human do? Grapple with the monster or cut and run?


I’m for the latter. Cutting off ties or objects can make you feel whole again. Remember the demon, whether it be inside, outside or around you is a determined and cruel adversary. It wants to pick holes in you and drain away your life energy.


Angelina Jolie is one such angel whose steps are dogged by a cancer gene that threatens her healthy existence. Like the brave, spiritual warrior she is, Angelina opted for a full mastectomy with more surgery to follow to remove the demonic gene from her system.

My friend, Cathy and my cousin, Trilby are angels in a similar vein and their female parts are also under attack. Both have been under the knife and have emerged triumphant from the battle….though the war is not yet won.


Letting go of a demon is a mean feat. Most people just can’t do it….without a lot of help….from porfessionals including doctors, psychiatrists, solicitors,


Cutting things out and off….. is painful but so is living with a contaminated cell or partner. I’ve lived with selfish genes in aggressive partners and I should know. There’s no changing them….unless they decide they want to change…..and guess what? They don’t know want to change ‘cos they can’t see anything wrong with their impurities. Far be it from me to tear down the veil of illusion! That’s for a higher power, a death bed moment perhaps but it is not my responsibility to fix anyone else. Fixing up my own spirit and keeping a healthy mind in a healthy body is my job. Perhaps whilst I’m doing that I can sprinkle a little inspiration here and there that might make the seed of an idea germinate in another.


Angel or demon – which of these surround you? Can you even tell the difference? Sometimes they come in disguise so beware! If it in doubt however….cut them out! You might lose and angel or two along the way but you’ll never fall foul of a devil!



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