Friday, 7 January 2011

Teaching the teachers

Has Teacher stopped learning?
Why is it that teachers believe that there's nothing more for them to learn? Who is training the teachers to teach new lessons? Why are schools failing our children?

Teachers, not students, are a real cause for concern. They seem to want to only teach the bright pupils. The middle to low academics are left out in the cold. These young minds who need the most priming are neglected and even abused. Very few teachers manage to inspire or even stimulate their young charges.
Parents are duped into believing that the teacher knows best....and some do....but too often those in the teaching profession have become jaded and cynical. They have the necessary qualifications but something is missing.....compassion and kindness. It's never been on the curriculum yet it has never been so vital in the 21st century. The dearth of spirituality in education is demoralising the next generation.
Removing the joy of learning

To produce an emotionally intelligent society, our teachers must go back to basics. After all, kindness is intrinsic to our inner nature as much as the primeval. Why is it easier to learn negative behaviours rather than positive ones? The answer lies in the way we teach. Much of teaching is empty preaching. We need to live out our beliefs, we need teachers who are activists and role models. We need teachers who teach with their hearts, not just with their heads!



At 18 February 2011 at 23:03 , Anonymous David Morgan - California said...

You are quite rightly disturbed when teachers use their heads instead of heart to teach. In that case, what of those teachers using their butts instead?
That's how it is in a school in Texas, where some teachers were allowed to carry a gun alongside their books.
it was not a case of cutting costs, biting the bullet or teachers wanting to do two jobs to compensate for low salaries.It was just another way of improving student performance. Come to think of it, which kid will not want to wreck his brains studying to having it blown off.
Alternative? Reintroducing spanking may serve as an incentive for those Texas teachers to trade in their guns.


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