Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fool's Paradise

Surgical toy

A fool and his age are never contented. That’s a truism about the search for eternal youth and why so many people resort to going under the knife. Cheek, brow and jaw lifts are becoming more popular amongst the middle youth – (that’s new age speak for anyone between the ages of 40 – 55).
The pursuit of youth has long been a human pre-occupation and there are no end of skin rejuvenators, brighteners (frighteners!) and serums to stave off those wrinkles. Ageing is not a crime and neither is self improvement.  Beauty only becomes a beast if you allow it to devour your self-esteem to the point where surgical intervention is necessary to boost your image.
A surgeon cannot provide you with charisma, allure, magnetism, charm, electric intellect,  savoire-faire and that certain “Je ne sais quoi”. People take the surgical route in the hope that they’ll have more of the very qualities that money alone can’t buy.  No doubt, physical enhancements may provide a catalyst for attracting the opposite sex but it’s a false friend. If you don’t have the personality to back up your good looks then the object of your desire will soon get bored (unless they’re just as superficial).
It’s amazing how some of the truly beautiful (facially gifted) believe themselves to be imperfect whilst the more facially challenged (ugly) seem to think that they’re quite flawless. By a strange reversal of fortune, beautiful people are insecure about their looks whereas the less beautiful are positively narcisstic.
Pure and lovely
It’s a shame that people are gullible and surgeons so manipulative. Before they start altering your body they must fool your mind into believing that they hold the key to your happiness. Happiness being a new face and body.  Your body is an investment but one that entails maintaining it in a healthful and holistic sense. 
The growing trend of cosmetic surgery is worrying and even damaging. A surgeon is a slick salesperson who lines his pockets as he carves you up.  Looking good is about feeling good and vice versa. The feeling comes first not the look. The soul is the most beautiful of all and thankfully it’s one small part of us that a surgeon can’t touch. The paradise of golden youth is within.
Keep your heart young and you will have control over your ageing. Nature is effortless  and needs no fripperies….would you spray paint a rose?
If you still don’t believe you’re naturally beautiful then here’s some reverse psychology – surround yourself with people uglier than you then you’ll always feel beautiful!
What a feeling!



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