Monday, 13 June 2011

Executive Coaching

“Coaching is a powerful conversation with a purpose and an outcome” – how true!

Three..four..even five times a lady
The purpose is to dupe you into handing over your hard earned income and the outcome is that a life coach gets very rich at your expense.

Life coaching is big.....and it’s the ideal profession for someone nearing retirement who’s bored with the current field they find themselves in.

There are several myths about life / executive coaching that I’m keen to dispel:
        No one knows you better than yourself (and the best life coach is that little voice inside your head so listen up)
·        Your personal development is your business (not someone else’s)
·        Life coaches are strangers whom you’d never want as friends (let alone neighbours)
·        Life coaches are not magicians; they cannot work miracles for you
·        Remember that teacher at school who always talked down to you....that’s a life coach in another incarnation

I have been a life coach’s guinea pig and it was worse than insulting. They talked about motivation and inspiration as if it came in a bottle (though they forgot to mention where it was obtainable). Fortunately, since they were trainees their “advice” was free but, once qualified, they are transformed into daylight robbers. The vulnerable and their cash are soon parted!

When I was going through a particularly painful period of my life, an e-mail would appear in my inbox from a coach each month. Those words did soothe my savage breast and injected me with a quiet confidence to tackle the issues I was facing. 

When this trying time was finally over the e-mails stopped coming as if the Universe somehow knew that I had overcome that particular difficulty.
If you only knew the personal backgrounds of these so called experts you’d change your identity or leave the country. Life coaches are charlatans spouting new age drivel.

The true measure of an effective life coach is never about the exchange of cash. Many of the people who’ve helped me improve my life are those whom I’ve witnessed going through tough times, coming out fighting and ending up on top. These good souls do not travel around the world, drive a convertible or live in a swanky part of town. They have experienced the grim realities of life in 4D – debt, divorce, despair and dumb asses!

I would never trust a life coach who turned up in a designer suit and told you that you can be as good as him/her.  They will usually babble on about their credentials and how body language is the key to impressing potential employers. After which they reach into their Louis Vuitton document case and hand you their invoice on creamy, letter headed note paper.

Lucrative lifestyle
Never allow them to delve into your mind. They will toy with piecemeal information and soon you’ll find yourself in a psychotherapist’s chair (no doubt a colleague of theirs who will also be keen to relieve you of a tidy sum).

Life coaching is about doing life – so – just do it. It’s not rocket science. So When you get up every morning, take a deep breath and just do it. Breathing, after all, is still free.
If, however, you need just a little spur to action, then there’s a host of advice available on the internet that doesn’t cost a thing ( including this blog).

Money cannot buy you love or coaching ‘cos loving yourself don’t cost a thing!



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