Friday, 17 June 2011

The best things in life are not cheap!

Sunset Sale
Whoever said the best things in life are free were hermits living in caves.  No matter how much we strive to have the good things in life, be it material or spiritual, very few come without any kind of cost.
Material things no doubt cost and, if you have a taste for high living, then you’ll need to keep earning to pay for it. I love beautiful objects, furnishings, gadgets, lingerie, haute couture and exquisite jewellery as much as much as the next person (though not nearly as much as Mrs Donald Trump!). 

Tired soles
I'm a discerning consumer and partial to the odd bit of extravagance but am kept in check by the need for sanity to prevail. A new pair of  designer shades,shoes or shorts will not satisfy my soul.  

Moreover, I have limited space in my house and don't wish to feel crowded out.   No matter how tempting the wares of Messrs Marks and Spencer, Mr John Lewis, Mr Harrods and Mr Selfridges I must rein in my material desires. 
"Buy one get one free" fever

Beautiful things are greatly admired but lose their attraction once possessed.
There's always a vast array of bigger and more beautiful things to be had and I am no slavish follower of fashion. 

 The fact of the matter is that though I like the good things I do not love working to pay for them.
Time is infinitely more valuable than money but it's what you do with both that count. Therefore, it’s important to sort and prioritise your wants and needs.  It’s an effective method towards understanding who you are and what fulfils you .
I’ve decided that my list of wants and needs are not impossible but they are hard to come by.
Generally, I’m easy going so here are a few of my simple pleasures (wanted and sorely needed):
The prairie - open 24 hours
·         Tranquil surroundings (5 acres on the prairie) 
·         The glorious fragrance of  an  abundant flower garden (found in stately homes or at the Chelsea Flower Show)
·         Rugged Adventure (daring stuff like trekking in the mountains or whitewater rafting in Canada)
·         Healthy food for nourishment (organic home cooked or in a restaurant)
·         On the beach watching a tropical sunset (somewhere in the Seychelles)
·         Dancing to the dulcet tones of a jazz band (at the Café Royal)
Two for one offer!

All of the above cost a good many pretty pennies and would certainly stretch (and break) my modest budget. But guess what…..dreams and wishes are free.

Through all my musing and meditations I have discovered even simpler things where you can truly forget about the price tag:

·         Lying on the grass reading a good book 
·         Walking barefoot (after a hard day in your shoes)
·         Smiling (at yourself in the mirror)
·         Holding hands (with your child and/or partner)
·         Laughter (spilling forth like a dam about to break its banks)
Happy hour
·         Gazing at a full moon and twinkling stars (appreciating the wonders of nature) 
·         Sitting at my laptop writing (marvelling at technology that allow a USB stick to store so much data)
·         Bird, squirrel and rabbit watching in my garden (remembering our connection to all living things)
·         Inspiration (from the sunshine and rain; a metaphor for pleasure and pain)
·         Special friends (who make warmth so easy to give and receive)
Bunny love!
·         Remembering (that every day is a special day and will not come again)

The best things in life are not all free but the best thing of all is that we’re free to choose what’s best for each of us.



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