Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Unholy Trinity - Desire, Control & Possessiveness

Nearly all relationships are made up of one or two or all three of the above.  This is a little understood fact because if it were there’d be less births, marriages and dubious partnerships.
Desire is a irrational reflex and wholly childish emotion. We see it, we want it, we crave and desire it. Ironically, our desires are mostly undesirable. What we desire does not serve us but once we taste the fruit of our unwholesome desires we often let them go. Desire is the poison in our garden of Eden and we should aim to banish it before we are forsaken.
Control is the evil twin of desire. Once we start desiring then we seek to control. Control is a myth. There’s not much we can control from the weather to the people we love and live with.  Control is a waste of energy and the only control we can truly indulge in is self-control. Any other type of control is abuse.
Puppet on a string

Possessiveness is the third member of this sinister trinity. This is an illusion. We cannot possess anything since ownership is a myth. People imagine that they own houses and cars when, in fact, they are owned by them. That is the uncommon explanation for the way people boast about bricks and mortar and pieces of metal.  We do not possess anything; we are only stewards of a variety of things that have become either blessings or curses. The idea that you could possess a person is laughable and the first sign of insanity. The deluded among us think that they own their husbands/wives and children – ha, bloody ha!
Be careful in your choice of a significant other since this  troublesome trio will form an alliance to drag you down. They’ll tell you with glee that you don’t a stand a chance against them but I say battle on, sister! This is war and though your conscience might object I say let’s do it. There’s nothing holy about this trinity!



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