Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The rise and rise of the airhead

Stick a pin in it!

Q: What goes up and takes an age to come down?
A: A celebrity with bankable assets that are never invested in intellectual property!

The airhead is in fashion. This is a sad trend for all the feminists and empowered females who seek self-promotion when its based on our non-tangible assets such as charisma, wit and intellect. Never before have these qualities been so under threat of extinction following the popularity of reality shows such as: “The only way is Essex”, Made in Chelsea” and the latest offering, “Desperate Scousewives”.

The airhead is new celebrity. The most famous  airhead (formerly known as Jordan) -  Katie Price, is the first contender for the honorary title of “ Queen of One Brain Cell.” This is a woman who left the jungle  with a creature in tow in the form of the well toned Aussie hunk, Peter Andre. It was delusional love that was never to last. Lustful ego states were certainly great drivers and if there’s one thing an airhead seeks out for her life partner is….. another airhead!

Airy Fairy Filosophy
The airhead is now a brand with market force. Take Amy Childs, star of TOWIE, and you’ll see how far a hairdresser can go.  Its reported that she’ll earn up to $10 million in modeling contracts, interviews and endorsements. Childs made her name as cameras followed her ,au naturel in her day job, sharing her unique philosophies on life and love in finest Estuary English. The Queen’s English (she will not be amused) has had its vowels stretched as Amy tells us that her friends are “ well jel” of her new found fame! 

This new English is being touted as an Essex dialect and, as a self-respecting Essex girl myself, no English was ever spoken that way before! We’ve  been “vajazzled” and treated to all manner of cosmetic enhancements and it’s no surprise that demand for fake tans, false eyelashes and nails have risen by 40%.

This breed of female airheads (and there are male versions too) is dangerous. They are making money off the back of ignorance and vulgarity. This is not a new development. Ever since the 70’s when Mary Whitehouse was complaining about the lowering of standards of propriety in television, there’s been a serious upturn towards the sharing of the unwholesome and the unsavoury with wider audiences. Nothing is sacrosanct as we are invited to view “Embarrassing Bodies” exposing a number of irritating and unsightly conditions on intimate parts of the body. It may be argued that programmes such as these are informative but reality TV is just too much information.

Be strong in mind and body
Hopefully there’ll be a big wig in TV land, with a large hat pin, who can burst the bubble and call time on these shows. Even the posh versions only prove that money cannot buy you love or intelligence. The airhead is not how women should be portrayed. We are not vapid and underdressed morons. We want to see healthy role models on our screens, women of style and grace – young, old and in-between. 

Life is not about having the best look, wardrobe, boyfriend or car. Life is much bigger than that and so is your mind. Use it before you lose it and never keep truck with an airhead unless you’re helping to turn her life around.



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