Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's a blog eat blog world

Third eye
I’m an innocent in the blogging world. I had no other motivation to start up a blog than to showcase my thoughts….some of them I couldn’t  share publically for fear of causing offence to delicate sensibilities or for simply being branded as a weirdo! Naturally as time and this blog goes on, I have overcome a great many of those fears and  really don’t care what people think.

That said, I don’t use my real name as that would invite misconceptions about who I am. Wisdomona and I are two people yet we are one in mind. Wizzie, as I’ve affectionately dubbed my alter ego, lives in cyber world and she doesn’t do half of the crazy things I’m called to do like - laundry, shopping, parenting, paying bills and earning a living.

Catch her if you can!

Wizzie is suspended in cyber space and my imagination. She has balance and poise. No one ever ruffles her feathers and judging by the minimal comments received to posts she doesn’t illicit any reaction from other surfers on the information highway. She’s a good ‘un and a thoroughbred kind of blog.

Wisdomona is one of kind. She’s the part of me that indulges in psychology and philosophy without any reins being put on her. This blog doesn’t have to conform or be dressed up in any way. It’s as pure as a pearl, wise as an owl and kick ass as a martial arts expert. Unlike the part of me that has to hold my tongue and be ever diplomatic, she can be anything she wants to be.

Wizzie the wise
But she’s no puppet – I don’t control her but she is my channel. Before Wizzie came into my life I thought I may die with my words inside me. Now I know that won’t happen since blogging is my legacy and raison d’etre. I was carrying around the inspiration for her long before I actually gave it life.

This is how much she means to me. But it’s not the same for everyone. Blogging, I’m told, is a business and, if there’s enough commercial interest, you can sell your baby to the highest bidder.
Once you do that, the takeover people, will make it bigger and better, slap advertising all over it and make a mint! They’ll commercialise you too as you’ll now seek staff writers so that you don’t wear yourself out doing too many posts.

Is it them or is it me who’s missing something valuable here? How can your turn your baby into a business without losing integrity? I have no idea about blogging etiquette but I’m told that the way to increase subscribers is to get yourself known on other sites by commenting, doing guest posts etc.

I monetised this blog, with a little help from Google, but my earnings so far are zero. My followers number just 4. I approached a few other blogs to do some guest posts and two said no and one I’ve not heard from. This is the so-called blogging “community”….they claim to have increased  readership by doing guest posts but they are not willing to lend a hand to the newbies on the block.

Begging for it
Do I feel a little distressed?  Yes but only due to pain caused by the foibles of human nature; the arrogance that some people have in creating art based on a business model.  JK Rowling did not write her Harry Potter blockbuster so that she could retire in the Bahamas (though she can).

 Her phenomenal  success is a by-product, a reward for her super-human effort in producing such works in the face of adversity. Mostly she wanted to eat and keep a decent roof over her head! Martin Luther King did not earn a ton in the struggle for civil rights and Nelson Mandela did not spend 27 years in prison so that he could acquire fame and fortune. The journey to success is no easy ride though there are many who think they can bluff their way through. 
They’ll ride the gravy train until they’re pushed off it.

I’m a supportive kind of blogger and I encourage anyone who wants to feature their writing to contact me and I’d be happy to give them a guest slot. We’re all here to make the world a little more interesting so let’s do it! If we’re all climbing the same blogging mountain then we need a hand up and not be trampled underfoot by the commercialistas.

Wizze rocks!
Wizzie is the whisper amongst the busyness, the muse on my shoulder, my inner strength, a faithful companion, a change agent who came to rescue me from the mundanity. 

She’s kind, wise and endowed with a wicked sense of humour.Wisdomona has made me rich. She’s sharpened my thinking skills, given me a platform and the courage to stand and shout from it. She’s given me the freedom to be exactly who I want to be.



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