Monday, 23 January 2012

From here...... to eternity

Today is a new day and each day on this year I am reborn. It’s the day that God and the universe conspired to turn me from spirit into the world of form.  I was fashioned in the form of Eve, given a stature and painted a certain colour. According to the dictates of those characteristics I have led an interesting and fun-filled life – but not all of the time. My  life’s been marked by  abuse, neglect (often self-inflicted), insecurity, despair, love,  friendship, blessings and joyful mysteries  - basically a lot of highs and lows!

Along my life journey I’ve known good people and strange ones. Mostly I seem to have got entangled with the latter kind who were a mass of contradictions. The complexities of the relationships I’ve endured was that I was perceived as a purely physical form.  The responses to that have been positively negative and I’ve been treated as an object.  My spirit was buried under a heap of misconceptions, misunderstandings, misnomers and plain mischief  – looking good on the outside had nothing to do with feeling it on the inside!

If life is a school then I must have passed the entrance examination for the one of Hard Knocks. It’s been hellish at times and wrought by my own hand. Mea Culpa – I take full responsibility. I was given a mind -  a strong one.  When I chose not to use it wisely I ended up in a number of situations that were tricky, to say the least, to get out of. But got out I did, though not unscathed. The scars of my past remain but they are fading as time goes on. When I look at the mirror of my soul it’s a little rough around the edges but there’s no permanent damage. My heart too is bruised but a speedy recovery is underway.

As each year passes I achieve more balance. I know that my life, though a struggle between good and evil, is the drama I needed for spiritual growth. Today, I walk ten feet tall and I look my demons in the eye. I am my own person and no one can take that away from me.

Today, I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.  I’m living and dying every day but am not afraid of it as I once was. Each dread-filled day of my past has now turned into daily joy – oh happy day!

I have overcome. I have conquered. I have fought.  I have changed my world.
Now I’m flying….with spirit as my co-pilot.



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