Monday, 30 January 2012

Love your handles and flash that flesh!

In this age of body consciousness we are intent on seeking improvements to our shape and weight.
This is a good thing but in our pursuit of the svelte like, cellulite busting bod, we  become leaner and meaner.

We pump iron like it’s going out of fashion and we engage in a love/hate relationship with the temple of our soul. Those of who take it to extremes can barely swallow a mouthful without feeling a burden of guilt and what they see in the mirror is ugly. Calories are counted, body mass index and weight are documented until a target is achieved and what exactly is that??

Just the way you are
Fat or thin is not beautiful. There is a middle way and the challenge is to find it. Size matters but so does height, bone structure, hip/shoulder width, waist and bust. Some of us are buxom and to obsess about it is to sweat the small stuff. Some of us are broad-shouldered and big boned. Some of us are flat as pancakes, pear and apple shaped. Many of us are vertically challenged with legs and arms to match. Some of us tower in stature and can never feel “normal” in heels.

According to all the fashion stylists and body image gurus out there there’s no such thing as “normal”. Clothes designers should bear that in mind when they send their patterns off to China to be mass produced in factories. We are not all emaciated super models. There’s real women and men who need to clothes that fit their unique shape.

Work that inch and love it too
It’s frustrating to scour aisle after aisle in shops and then find nothing that tickles your fancy. When the colour is right the material is too flimsy and shows off all the rolls. When you find the right material and colour then it’s either too short or too long. Finding a decent dress for a special occasion is a nightmare –too shiny, frilly, obscene or trashy – and whatever you like they won’t have it in your size! 

Its almost as if there’s a conspiracy between the retailer and the designer to keep the bespoke industry going at a huge cost to the customer. Of course we can get it made to measure but who has the will or the money to traipse to a dress maker and get fitted out? Perhaps we might find the energy for an important  function where the dress code is purely to impress.

Accept yourself
At a certain age, our birthday suit needs critical analysis. We must do more to keep the epidermis in optimum condition by choosing to eat more raw foods and moving it regularly. But first we must  love what we are. We are living spirits surrounded by intricate machinery and a labyrinth of veins, arteries, cells and capillaries. Keeping them in good functioning order is mandatory. If we can change our minds – as we do- then we can change our bodies.

f you look in the mirror, every body tells a story of love and abuse. Each chunk, wobbly ridge, jelly belly and muffin top has to be loved.  Hate is not an emotion that you want to feel towards any living thing, let alone your body. The mirror does not lie. Smiling at your reflection is the first step in the process of changing it. Dance around in the nude and dust off your spirit. Love the rare creature tyou are and don’t allow yourself to wither. Stay pumped and energised. Don’t be quick to cover up – your body needs to feel the wind, rain and sunshine on it. If we’re flowers in the garden of God our faces should be upturned to the sweet drops of rain.Adam and Eve were naked until they sinned and fear caused them to hide themselves from each other.

See Food Diet
Your body is the physical manifestation of your positive and negative thoughts and longings. It has been subjected to alot of wear and tear and it needs gentle handling to restore and repair it. The shift in your body weight will come when you learn to get comfortable with who you are. Treat your body as if it is something precious not a dumping ground. Listen to the whisperings of your soul, pay attention and your body will keep up too. Love your flesh and it will love you back!



At 30 January 2012 at 03:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for those healthful images and insightful commentary - this is real and not stuff from the catwalk - being true to yourself will shed the pounds!

At 30 January 2012 at 03:45 , Blogger Wisdomona said...

This comes from the heart and it knows best - thanks for stopping by - I appreciate it.


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