Sunday, 22 April 2012

The "To Don't" List

To do or to don't?

Most of us have a to do list that’s endless. Have you ever wondered why it’s so?

Because life is eternal and, therefore, without end.  Our spirits move from life to life and some people believe from body to body.

If our spirits are going to live forever then so is our to do list. 
We are works in progress and so there’s a lot of tweaking and glitches to iron out.  It’s going to take a lot of work to get ourselves in shape for eternity.

First we have to ensure that our bodies are in optimum health. It’s a challenge as you age to change your eating habits. If you eat exactly the same foods that you’ve been eating for the last 25 years then you’re in trouble. Your digestive system just can’t keep processing those carbs and sugars and, when something gives, you’ll be forced to change.

Minds also need a change for spiritual growth. Change your thoughts regularly and ensure that they're in keeping with your mission statement: to be the change you seek.

I'm a new experience for my parents
When you’re born your life is like a an unmarked page of “to do”’s  and you can bet that it’ll get filled up soon enough. 

From the day you start to toddle and throw your food around  new experiences are coming at you thick and fast.  

Your first day at school, your first scraped knee; the first time someone pulls your hair; your first x-rated film, your first job, your first drive, your first experience of flying; your first date...and kiss, your first wedding dress (there could be more ahead!), your first baby (maybe not the last) and on and on it goes. 

Wrong "to do" list

Your life is littered with “firsts” until you hit middle age...then things start to slow down. All those firsts seem a long time ago and your mind is no longer as expectant as it once was. You’ve seen, done it and worn the T-shirt.

At such a time, disillusionment can start to seep through the cracks. You question everything and anything that you previously enjoyed just doesn’t have the same attraction....including your spouse!

When you start snapping and giving curt answers to pertinent questions...I am not in a bad mood. I am not a control freak. I am not having a nervous breakdown.....then it's time to sit down and take stock.

It’s time to compose  your very own“to don’t” list:
Don't let your feet suffocate in leather

Don’t believe that it’s too late
Don’t hold grudges
Don’t follow rules blindly
Don't say "yes" when you want to say "no"
Don’t listen to the naysayers
Don’t be afraid of failure
Don’t give a damn!
Don’t think you’ve lost your’s just taking a well-earned vacation!
Don’t let money be an obstacle.

Don’t might seem negative but you can turn it around. You’ve got to re-think the negatives and turn them into affirmations.

To do - always on my list
Whatever you do, don’t feel deprived and keep both your lists in good order.....hopefully reducing them as you go along. 

Most of all, if the "to do's" feel burdensome don’t give up simple pleasures like: soaking in a hot, bubble bath, reading an interesting book; taking a nap; taking a walk or exercising, or having a day out for yourself.

Get in the middle of your do and don’t and make the time to just be...aaah.............
empty your mind....breathe...and relax. 

Milk break
Life is endless and that’s a beautiful thing. As you begin life anew in a higher realm, you’ll be refreshed and revived ; your earthly mind  (and lists) will be erased and you’ll never need to write anything down ever again. 



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