Sunday, 8 July 2012

Atrophied Wife

Strike a pose!
A trophy wife is something any intelligent feminist would steer clear of but, it’s amazing how an accomplished woman can easily fall into the trap.
Powerful men are powerful charmers. They are confident and wily. They appear kind and concerned. They love taking care of you so what’s the problem? Being showered with gifts and compliments? Being telelphoned each day to check that your every need is catered for? Arranging surprise dinners/trips etc? 
There’d be no complaints from the average woman. In fact, Ms Average is longing to meet someone who spoils them rotten. After all, if we believe “we’re worth it” then why shouldn’t we lap it up?
When your man out-earns you by mega bucks making your salary look paltry then the sensible option would be to jack in your career and just become the decoration on his arm - isn't it?
Anyone can be a trophy wife without even trying hard. If your beau is a man of means then you’re well on your way to trophy and stepford wifedom!
Trophy wives spend their days getting their hair and nails done. After that, its lunching with their girl friends, showing off about how lucky they are, finishing off with a little designer retail therapy. Booking holidays and spa days  and pumping iron in the newest and sleekest gym in an affluent  neighbourhood will be the main brain-body activity.

Little Miss Lost-My-Life when I became a wife

Money certainly maketh the man and woman. And most women would give an arm and a leg (hell, both legs!) to be a kept woman.
So what are the downsides?
Ambition….once you’re comfortable there’s nothing to aim for. Money has become meaningless and you’re living in another world – the one you were dreaming about when you were poor.
Mental stimulation….any woman worth her salt knows that her man wasn’t attracted to her mind alone. He did check the she was breathing first and then checked out her physiology….all the right equipment in the right place.
I have a brain and I need to use it
Loneliness….if he’s in the six figure bracket then you’re not going to see a lot of him once the honeymoon stage is over. He’ll be travelling (all over the world), talking to his broker and associates(about  options and futures), sharing confidences with his loved ones(eg mother & sister), playing tennis and poker (with his other rich buddies) and throwing lavish parties (that make you feel alone in a crowd).
Personal safety…he may be a control freak in private and have your every move put under surveillance. He may have a personality disorder that makes him emotionally distant and non-tactile.
We think it can’t happen to us but, before we know it, we’ve fallen into the lair of a trophy collector.
The trophy wife easily gets brain atrophy as her mental faculties languish until there's full blown decay.
I believe in my fantasy...and that includes my wife!

Katie Holmes is an example of a woman who thought she’d hit the big time when she was introduced to Tom Cruise. Sure she was an actress before but her career was not high profile until she became Mrs Cruise.

Her cat-that-got-the-cream-smile quickly turned sour as she came to understand that her screen and personal roles would be chosen for her. She had to sign up to be a full fledged member of Scientology. Added to that, she’d be sharing her life and mansion with, the other Mrs Cruise - (Tom’s mother) and his sister.
The fact that she has now hired a security team to help protect her, following her filing for divorce, reveals the sinister side of her married life .  A woman needs protection from the backlash of the male ego. “Hell hath no fury than a control freak scorned!”
It seems that Mr Cruise’s wives all wake up at the age of 33 and decide to get a life.
Katie Holmes has shown that she’s no pushover. Only makes me wonder about Nicole Kidman, whom I thought of as intelligent, but stood by her man for eleven years……eleven years of Scientology as the third person in the marriage. I guess you might say that Ms Kidman was more compliant.

"I'm happy, I really am!"

There is something odd about Mr Cruise and let’s leave his religion aside. He takes himself seriously, perhaps a tad too much. If you've ever see him interviewed he talks about performing his own stunts and seeking newer (and cheaper) thrills in  recent movies.
TC is  a man who believes in his own celebrity.
Compare this with his contemporaries – Brad Pitt and Michael Douglas. Brad is in a committed relationship with the philanthropic Ms Jolie, who is known to say that the movie business pays her ridiculous money to do ridiculous things.
Michael, of the Douglas lineage, is Hollywood royalty – yet he’s down to earth and, following successful cancer treatment, has come to appreciate the people in his life, more than fame and money. Ms Zeta-Jones, his wife, has carved out a successful film career thanks, in part, to the supporting role he plays.
Brangelina powershare
Trophy wives most surely end up as Desperate Housewives. They can find themselves in unloving and threatening situations. Some of them don’t want to escape. "Misery is not being able to go shopping at  Tiffany’s dah-ling!"
Some women have truly lost their minds. Being a trophy is mindlessness personified.
Some women live in fear and can’t ever find their way out of Millionaire’s Row. Some women just like their atrophied life and can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Run, Katie, run!

Only a woman who has been on the receiving end of emotional abuse knows why Katie’s running for her life.



At 9 July 2012 at 17:37 , Anonymous Aloysa @ My Broken Coin said...

Katie did lose herself in this marriage. I am actually glad she is on her own now. Tom seems somewhat crazy to me, lol. I was surprised how quickly they settled their divorce.
It is not easy to be married to a rich and powerful man. Women married to those men either have to be their equal, or they lose themselves. Really enjoyed this post!

At 12 July 2012 at 03:56 , Anonymous Wisdomona said...

Thanks Aloysa.....Katie saved herself and her little woman can be truly happy as a trophy!


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