Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit

According to the Chinese horoscope, I’m a rabbit. After researching the qualities and characteristics I find that I’m a bunny to a T!

I’m sensitive, caring, empathetic and love a good chin wag. I’m not a natural born leader but I’m not a blind follower either.  I thrive in organisations that have flat structures not pyramids that are ruled by the head. I am a creature of the heart and hate confrontations of any kind. I believe anger must be managed (not suppressed)  and should be expressed in a respectful way.

Rabbits attract and generate love. I have a furry bundle that lives in my home called Hunny, who is sweet by name and nature. A rabbit is not an attention seeker but it’s attention is sought after by others….one of them being…..the Rooster…who is its  mortal enemy. I know a couple of roosters and they’re not my cup of tea.

It’s fortunate that I’m compatible with my offspring – a snake, pig and ox so life’s pretty good.

Rabbits are not boring…no way….they are creative and artistic. They are rich in knowledge more than possessions.

Peaceful and tranquil , the rabbit is an ideal companion for a beach holiday or more cultured one. Sitting around for a rabbit is creative activity; their minds are working even if their bodies are still. Rabbits require thinking time and space to re-energise.

A rabbit’s home is his cathedral. It is a sanctuary for communion with its higher self. It must contain  serenity and beauty. The people a rabbit shares her home with should understand her unique sensitivities and negativity of any kind is not permitted…..emotional abusers keep out!

A rabbit has emotional intelligence but is fragile with it. If you hurt a rabbit then you have hurt an innocent being. Rabbits don’t indulge in cheap vanity and shallow behaviour; they are steadfast and true to their values.

When a rabbit meets an enemy, it retreats and never fights back. This is not cowardice but an act of non-violent protest. They don’t hate as that is negative and only adds to the hate that’s already out there beyond the hutch. They choose avoidance tactics. They understand a profound truth: no man is an enemy; no man is a friend but every man is a teacher.

A rabbit’s best friend in love or business is a sheep, pig or another rabbit. They have no conflicts as they know that to argue is to waste  precious minutes and lose out on the joy of living.

When a rabbit is in the company of their soul mate; every day is special. In fact, the ordinary transforms into the extra-ordinary……watching a sunset, listening to the rain and nibbling on some grass. It's a little piece of rabbit heaven!

I’m a happy bunny when I’m left to my own devices and there’s no such thing as lonely for me. But if I get too much of my own company I’ll need to hook up with another rabbit, sheep or pig.... and then I’ll be in clover.

Happy Bunny-day to me!



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