Friday, 5 April 2013

Lipstick and heels

In the pursuit of satisfactory relations between the sexes it is important to get ahead of your opponent. Sex equality does exist in the stratosphere but it’s rare on planet earth. Nevertheless, in the battle of the sexes , it’s vital to be armed and ready.

The point of differentiation is that neither sex is truly seeking equality. If it’s every man and woman for themselves then each of them wants a certain superiority that doesn’t interfere with the other’s development. Currently, that can’t be achieved in the social model known as marriage.

Relationships place a great strain on the two egos each vying for the upper hand. Climbing on your high horse and staying on this bucking bronco is the goal. A goal so unworthy it leaves no one the happier. If pride comes before a fall then get ready….and may the best man/woman win.

In relationships the weapons of choice for the female are lipstick, perfume and killer heels. That humble tube of colour, cleverly expunges pale and insipid lips and vamps them into a veritable hunk magnet; that’s if you know how to use your cupid’s bow effectively. The sexually predatory pout has never gone out of fashion and it has brought down many a man and helped many a woman to lay the foundation stone to her empire.

If the way to man’s heart is through his senses then there’s no better battering ram than a heavy coating of mascara. One flutter and he’ll throw open the gates of his castle. This visual assault should be accompanied by an age old seduction technique of a spray of perfume in all the necessary erotic spots- hair, neck, wrists and even below the belt will take you far. He’ll be putty in your hands once he’s spied those vertiginous Jimmy Choo’s that match his snakeskin Blahniks. 

Are relationships so shallow? Many are, that’s a fact and I won’t bore you wth statistics.
However, the one crucial additive to the above three is an intoxicant. Once your man or woman has had a skinful then it’s important to note how quickly a new relationship takes off….and before you know it you’ve been together twenty years…how’d that happen??

A little alcohol running through the veins takes the edge of reality and loosens the tongue. It gives you a certain Dutch courage and you may say and do things that are completely in character. Despite what people say, it’s impossible for alcohol to make you do crazy things unless you were thinking of it all along. Alcohol is innocent but you may not be!

A man more often than not finds your lipstick colour more attractive than you. His pupils dilate his heart starts racing and his breath gets a little ragged when he notices the sway of your elegant pins and that subtle aroma that mixes with your unique feminine odour.

Men never feel guilty about being superficial. Max Factor is a man with a sensitive side and he juggles his cosmetic empire efficiently. Men don’t need love if a conquest will do. One night in Bangkok and the world’s his oyster and he can boast about it for years to come.

We live in an increasingly visual world and we are judged by how we look. Sometimes you can get lucky and get the whole package – big looks and good brains – but it’s not essential. A man will roll over and beg if the lipstick and heels live up to what he’s read in GQ.

A man is a creature of simplicity: make up in a good light will cut the deal and with you as arm candy you’ll be irresistible to his ego. For added value (and pleasure) this could turn into a genuine love if he’s willing to jump through some hoops so keep an open mind. He’s from Mars and he could tempt you to leave your cosy pad on Venus.

Oh yes, a women only needs to don her battle gear and he’ll be a pushover. “Move over darling, I’m just about to powder my nose!” A blast of cosmetic dust can fool the enemy and deflower him in an instant. Just try it for yourself……….and leave a comment about your experience.



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