Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Saving lives

Have you ever thought of yourself as a life saver? Probably not, though you know you’re conscientious and reliable enough to do it in yours and anyone’s hour of need. How could that ever be a problem you think?

Well it is. Your highly developed abilities in the life skills arena has disabled the skills of those around you. Have you ever considered the impact of your capabilities?

Firstly, you can load the washing machine quicker and empty the dishwasher more efficiently than anyone else. You also cook with a certain flair so that your meals a just that more tastier. You budget with accuracy so that there’s no defIcit other than the ones you’ve forecasted. You clean and tidy with such energy that a speck of dust or humble cobweb would quake if it dared enter your domain. Everything around you shines, gleams and sparkles that you can almost see your reflection on every surface.

You are the epitome of orderliness and perfection. You make life as stress free and comfortable for those around you as possible. You work hard to save them from knowing how difficult it is to maintain the glossy façade.

Perhaps you have a secret hope that your industriousness will rub off on those around you. Perhaps you hope that they will worship the ground you walk on for all the hours you devote to their well-being. If that’s what you’re expecting then….you haven’t got a hope in hell!

You may be expending time and energy to be a good citizen, householder, parent, neighbour, daughter, son, in-law or employee but you can’t do it in the knowledge that it’ll be noticed or even reciprocated. Human nature’s not like that. In fact, the more perfect you try to be, you run the risk of encouraging lethargy amongst those who live around you.

The spirit does not care for shiny things. It only appreciates the abstract – love, happiness, kindness – are top of  spirit’s shopping list. When two spirits who have these requirements at the top of their lists – either to do or to seek – then that’s as perfect as it gets.

Imperfection is not a bad thing. In this world, nearly everything is imperfect. Failure is also part of the imperfect way of life. Chasing success is a worthy aspiration but brace yourself for the disappointments.

Problem with perfect is that your prefect is not the same as everyone else’s….that’s the truth. What your eye sees is not how another eye sees it. Whatever  warms your heart does not necessarily resonate with another. Whatever’s in your mind is not easily transferable? When your spirit is peaceful, another’s may be turbulent.

That’s the real issue of perfection. You can’t convince another person of it or anything else.
If you have high standards, keep them that way but don't expect everyone else around to aspire to them. Your beliefs are yours alone and if you happen to find a kindred spirit then treasure them.

So what of human interactions and deeper relationships? Conflict is the key to the improvement of relations. If there was none in the first place then it’d be the garden of Eden minus the serpent. The serpent lives on like a thorn in the side of the human condition.

We cannot re-write history but we can acknowledge that we are in a process of evolution. Intimate relationships are most harmonious when it is between two people who are at the same stage of evolution. It’s highly improbable that you’ll meet them on life’s journey but don’t let that stop you from searching. Resolutions are a welcome playing field for your brain cells who love to figure it out. Be less concerned with the outcome than the process of finding a balance.

If you want to save your life and of a great many others then give yourself permission to be yourself. Expressing your true feelings will open more channels of communication than suppressing yourself to save face. If your truth is not acceptable to another then it’s time to go and experience your very own evolution revolution.

Don’t expect support but you just might be lucky and get some along the way.

Save your money, time, energy – but not love - and be careful that it doesn’t make those around you dysfunctional!






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