Friday, 23 January 2015

Who is Wisdomona? What is she?


Wisdomona is many things and being womanly she changes her mind (and clothes) quite often.

She is the egg, pollen, bird, the bee and the butterfly. She knows where she came from, has a destination in view but often loses her way.

Trust is her strength and downfall. She can’t always tell the sincere from the insincere – many a nightmare is dressed like a daydream! Trusting in herself is easy – no one knows Wisdomona like Wisdomona!!

Honesty she’s learnt can get her into trouble but trouble is her middle name. She rarely shys away from a challenge. Uphill, perilous emotional terrain she’s no stranger to; her heart rules her head (unless the latter is overruled!).

Softness of heart and strength of mind she possesses but often gets them mixed up and ends up with no end of moral dilemmas. Should I kick or kiss or stroke?

Creativity is the mother of her inventiveness but she lost the father along the way! Whether father-less or man-less she continues on her path with pizzazz and humour!

Passionate she is about injustice in all its forms. She’s a “problem child” and won’t accept that there’s not enough food on this big, old planet to go around.

Truth she still hasn’t got to grips with – ultimate, absolute, your version, my version? The jury’s still out on this one!   

Charisma she’d like to think she has. Birds – of a feather, of prey, eagles, sparrows and vultures all want a piece of her!                            

Influence she has a little I guess – over her offspring – but she’s a quiet leader and maybe when she’s pushing up the daisies…someone may decide to follow her wisdom.

Humanity she’s got in spades. She’s a people person but knows that by leaving some alone is the only way to gain peace.

Solitary she is; never lonely. Loves, loves her own company. She is “the one” and “a keeper”.

Worldly – she’s not fully got to grips with this planet…and would like to get off it sometimes. To be in this world but not of it. It’s a work in progress with much failure and few successes.

 Confidence – aah! She has it but forgets and reverts back to the amoeba stage. She isn’t always aware that her wings were made to fly. There’s a few buzzards who’d like to clip hers anyway!

Unconventional – there’s no other way. She doesn’t see (or cares not to) view life through a muddied, wide angled lens (herd mentality). She’s a one off and anyone who doesn’t believe that…..can just go take a running jump into a dry lake.  

Love is the stuff she carries around in her soul but how she dispenses it will intrigue and shock! Love is…..letting go and keeping it away. Love in her book is loading the gun with bullets of peace. Love, to her, is gentle and fierce. Love is fast and slow. Love is moonlight and an electrical storm. Love is a showing not just telling. Love is…….whatever she wants it to be…….but you always want more of hers!  

Spirit – she’s a woman with lots. Freedom is her birthright; no chains can hold her.

World-view – aah…..that’s tricky. She rarely watches CNN so doesn’t get her fix from the miseries/absurdities of life.

Money – follows her around but is an uncommitted partner. So she’d like to get a printing machine and make a mint.

Domesticity – she likes to indulge now and then but routine kills off her brain cells so it’s just not her cup of tea or even the washing-up!

Work – its better than begging or stealing so work is necessary to stay connected. If her heart and soul are engaged (and married to ) the job……… it’s a reward.

Leisure – is her pleasure. Whiling away sun filled hours on a soft hammock must be like swinging on a cloud. To stop and stare at softly brushed sunrises and sunsets makes for a rich life.

Children – mini Wisdomonas – there are three. All individual and cute as cupcakes. One is like a long knicker bocker glory – imperfectly perfect and delicious. The other is like a chocolate sundae and any day of the week it tastes good. The last is like a pavlova – elegant, classical andwith more than a hint of the drama queen.   

Food – the older she gets, the less she partakes. Mental food suits the palette of life and adds more texture and flavour than anything found in the kitchen.

Animals – she’s close to and hates to eat them.

Reading & Writing – these are at the top of her list (sometimes even ahead of friends and family!) and they have been steadfast companions and she has guilt pangs over the little time she devotes to each of late.

Female – she’s a life long member of the elite sisterhood. God help the twisted mister who comes between her and her soul sista!

Travel – the windmills of her mind keep turning to every corner and she’ll never give up on finding Shangri-La.

Health – seeking the optimum is her mission and you won’t find her in surgeries, clinics or hospitals.

Aging – is just maths (50+1) and who’s counting?

Religion – let’s not go there! It’s divisive but useful for keeping people off the streets.

Home – where is it? No one knows. Wisdomona can make a house a home but she can’t remain in it. She’s rootless and belongs everywhere and no where.

Heaven – is a state and it’s always a bit more heavenly wherever she is……
Wisdomona.........whoever she irrepressible and irascible!



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