Monday, 28 April 2014

Human traffik jams

The recent comment by Pope Francis denoucing human trafficking as one of the evils of humanity provides food for thought on why humans feel the urge to traffik each other.

It would appear that the intrinsic animal nature of man predisposes him to bestial acts. We don’t need to list the atrocities in order to know that this is true. Wherever humans gather….there’s usually some kind of traffik jam or car crash.

Pope Francis, being a celibate soul, will not understand that carnal desires often translate into sinister interactions between so called intelligent mammals. As long as people believe that they have power over each other and any other living organism…birds, bees and everything else in between… will be man! There’s very little on planet earth that man has not had his dirty mitts on.

Ever since Adam and Eve adulterated a gala apple in Eden, humanity has been grappling with its wretchedness. Part of the original sin experiment was to give man (and woman) dominion over lesser beings and boy did the big Cheese get it  wrong?!!!

If man can trample across fields and flowers then he can also desecrate fragile hearts and minds…and so he does. If only the Pontiff knew that birth was a dangerous thing and though new borns of the 21st century will not fall prey to despots like Herod, they have much to fear from mater and pater.

If parents are unloving beings then an innocent is potentially going to get stuck in a jam. Where’s there’s no sense, there’s no feelings and, in this dysfunctional atmosphere, children get by and make do, but they do not flourish or develop into balanced individuals.

A child brought up in a home where “love” amounts to having a few hot meals and  fresh changes of clothes are set on a path of self-destruction. A child who receives daily criticism and few praises will blame themselves for being so unlovable or find themselves prone to anger. A child who becomes a whipping-boy for his parents’ mood swings will have his mental and emotional growth stunted.

As this child grows up in a negative environment, he/she will begin to get comfortable with being ignored and uncared for. The neglected child also neglects himself by not applying himself at school or elsewhere and has little concept of his dormant personal power. His potential may never be awakened if he becomes indifferent and apathetic. If he is fortunate, he may experience a turning point and find the strength to change his life.

Too often, it doesn’t happen since the child turned adult has now directed his energies towards wiping out his bad childhood memories by filling his veins with narcotics and alcohol. The ones who don’t,  move towards the shadows and get locked into relationships with abusive partners. An abuser recognises weaker souls and takes great delight in bruising and battering minds and bodies.

Human trafficking stems from a wicked soul. It’s mankind’s insane lust that drives him to possess and demean another. The mind of the abuser is broken and distorted as is the mind of the helpless victim. Ego mania is the power play of human traffiking. When a girl of 11 is married off to a man of 57, when a child is kidnapped and later murdered for sexual gratification, when a woman is raped or when a wife/daughter cannot express herself freely…………….these are causes for grave concern and the start of a nasty business model.

Human traffiking is an offshoot of the malice that plagues human hearts. When love truly wins the day then we will clear the jams but until then the struggle between good and evil continues. The Pontiff and other government forces must join together and take action to protect the tender saplings of the next generation. 

Ultimately, we want less jams and more confidence to ensure a smoother flow of healthy traffic!







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