Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dear Future Husband............

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Dear Future Husband....


If you wish to stay dear…… to my heart…… then there’s a few things I preach here that you may endeavour to practise:

When our waistlines grow; we must take steps to eliminate the unhealthy causes; let’s fill our minds more than our bellies!

Remember clean living begins at home so let’s make an effort to keep the atmosphere and our spirits fresh! We'll concentrate on improving our minds more than our home.

We must be friendly motivators to each other’s unique talents and passions.  Critiques need only be aired if they’re requested in advance.

Alone time is important but don’t let me wallow in it too much……………you’ll become pointless.

Follow my heart and I’ll follow yours……that way they’ll both stay young without requiring surgery.

A compliment a day keeps divorce lawyers at bay…….so make an effort to notice how I look/cook/wear/do/ say…………but don’t worry about what I think!

Look me in the eye and be sincere…………..fakes are emotional bandits (and I take no prisoners!)

Anger never made a home sweet so keep a check on your fury-o-meter. Get control of it or seek therapy……….I’m not sharing my life space with it!

Surprises are welcome………scented candles around the room, petals scattered across the bed, little treats (for home and away)……………………but leaving a pile of dirty dishes in the sink is not one of them!

Let’s agree to be less self-invested and more invested in ensuring that we are taking care of our partnership (that means the planning and delivery of a host of adventures – date nights,  high days & holidays).

Please value my input in your life (more than you do the car) and you’ll be on the right track!

Reminding ourselves of the reason we got together in the first place, at least once a day, will hopefully bring peace to our souls.

If it doesn’t, let’s not become resentful and vengeful but make a plan for a smooth parting of the ways – gracefully and like adults! Don’t let’s damage each other for no other reason than we weren’t good at the game (of marriage!)

Speaking of games; the bedroom is a playground but before we engage in any contact sports chore-play is required.

An unclean and untidy home will never raise an interest……..let alone libido! A chore a day is reasonable but an excessive interest in cleaning means you’re less interested in me!

Marriage is a mental challenge and our brain circuitries are hardwired differently  – mine  has lots of wires (that often get crossed)and yours are in let’s connect the correct wire to the  correct box to help us think out of the box!

Our minds should meet at least once a week but this won’t be a “bored meeting”, more of an analysis of our husband/wife satisfaction levels together with a course of action to solve any contentious issues.

Our children are not mini-us. They are individuals who are counting on us to show (not tell) them about the highs and lows........let's lift them higher and never drag them down.

In-laws are outlawed - enough said!

Our marital landscape is a virtual country with border controls, penalties, beautiful sights, fine dining, rules (that can be bent not broken), incisive and positive thinking, progressive principles, breath-taking innovation and a strong work ethic.

Singapore style rules will apply – no litter and certainly no spitting!

When we’re out walking, hold my hand and tell me I’m “the one” and then I’ll know you’re a “keeper”.

Laughter  is a great way of getting more air into your lungs (and beats cross country running) but any time you laugh at me…….you could end up in stitches….in hospital!

Be a friend always and a husband when it matters.

When it feels as if  I’ve got 99 problems……………..don’t be the hundreth!

I may be right and I may be wrong…… gentle in your assumptions.

Kindness is not a weakness……..its powerful……so don’t kill anyone with it!

Love is a verb – so action is far superior to speech. But if you use words…….....make them tender or this will be a roller coaster ride to hell. Words can either make or break us!

Money - is funny.....and has a way of fooling us into believing that its the ONLY thing that matters. Let's make wise investments, share our bounties with the less fortunate but never forget that the greatest treasure is found in our hearts.

Most of all, remember I’m a woman…………so handle with love/intelligence/humour…....and a bomb disposal unit!









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