Saturday, 19 March 2011

Happily Never After!

"I'm looking for a dishwasher...." said the prince
Why in childhood were we bombarded with "happily ever afters"? Most of the stories we read had a hero / heroine, a villain and a happily ever after and we came to believe that our lives would follow the same pattern. For many of us it does....but for some of us..... our lives have been awash with villains and we're still waiting for the hero to show up!

Fiction addiction
The Brothers Grimm and Mr Anderson (of Copenhagen) have done us a disservice. They made us believe that we were going to be rescued, romanced and turned into beautiful swans....and have a happy ending. It's certainly been one of my grand, childhood delusions, one that I'm still trying to get over.

Childhood is a time of innocence and no one wants to disturb it with a touch of reality. Sadly, too often, this trend of avoiding reality continues throughout adolescence and full adulthood. Far better to believe less in knights in shining armour or damsels in distress and start to believe in yourself.

Isn't he gorgeous?
When we eventually mature (and this has less to do with age than the challenges we've overcome) we realise that we either make heroes or villains of ourselves in our very own life story. As we do battle with our enemies - either with success of failure - we experience the dawn of understanding that we have created these monsters ourselves.

If we hadn't been so "nice and easy-going" then we wouldn't have been so easily taken advantage of. If we had been more loyal to our personal truths then we would never have disappointed ourrselves and lost self-respect. Sometimes we should have just kept our mouths shut and listened to the voice within.

To live happily ever after is no fairy tale but it takes hard work and a dedication  to doing what matters.
Take a good look in the mirror first
Being happy is a conscious decision that we can make with a little courage and fortitude.
So be a hero.....and be happy now and..... ever afterwards!



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