Saturday, 5 March 2011

Multi-coloured Multi-culturalism

Cooking up a storm
Multiculturalism isn't working -that's the current, hot topic being debated about in UK political circles. 
My thinking on this is...has it ever do you get it to work....and what secret ingredient could be added to the pungent ethnic melting  pot?
My fear is that there are no solutions (and it is I who has famously claimed that...every problem has a solution). God knows, of course, but he's not sharing it with any one of us!

  As a seasoned immigrant I feel the need to speak up. Surely God did not paint us a certain colour, give us different tongues and plant us in a particular place in the world for us to remain there forever? If God made the world for us then we are free to roam it? Apparently not. Humans, in their wisdom, created laws to keep some of us out and devised a "points" system to ensure that only the "best" are allowed in. Furthermore, it's all legislated so that we are protected and indeed we must be.

I, as an immigrant, need protection from these new arrivals. 
Why? The simple answer is that immigrants bring with them a range of ingrained behaviours and psychologies that are damaging. Immigrants are supposed to be close knit and have strong family ties. They have to be since they have no one else.
Integration or disintegration?
Often there are a whole host of negative, indigenous behaviours being played out behind closed doors - the worse being the inequality of the sexes. Older members of a newly arrived family cannot communicate in the mainstream language of the country - another restricting factor. They are from less developed societies and have existed harsh conditions with little material comforts. Moreover they have low or no aspirations and feel maladjusted in an environment that encourages progress. 
These are the people playing out a B movie in their minds, feeling like:"Dirty, pretty things".

Here I dwell on the misfortune of the immigrant's lot; but there is an upside. Some of them rebel against this slumdog label and go on to become millionaires. Some of them break down the cultural barriers and rise to great heights......that kind of multiculturalism works!

We are the world



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