Monday, 28 February 2011

Don't catch me when I fall......

Catch me if you can
We're all closet adventurers (though we might deny it ) but most of us are just too scared to venture out of the wardrobe. Why? Because we're too afraid to take a fall or a blow to our egos. We strive for perfection like it really exists....but we're just deluding ourselves. 

Life is full of adventure and risk but we avoid the road less travelled for the well worn path that others have stumbled through. It's a well known fact that you before you learn to walk you have to fall down several times. As toddlers we never stopped trying to walk until we succeeded give up but in later life we give up even before we've tried. The problem lies with our minds. 

In youth our  minds are less cluttered therefore less fearful. We don't know enough so nothing can stop us.
As we enter adulthood, we mimic the adults around us, usually our parents. They are the first guides on this  
precarious journey of life but far from supporting us to be independent and resourceful they try to make us like them - responsible and dull. They warn us that we'll come to no good if we don't get an education, career etc. 

High Flyer
Some of us lean on our parents and some of us have learnt to avoid them. The latter is by far the most constructive option.....independent thinkers know how to free fall....they don't need a safety net...'cos wherever they land they  know how to make it work.



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