Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Vulture Culture

Birds of a feather flock together. This is true of saints, sinners, wise men and fools.
This trend is most prominent in people from other cultures who have migrated to new lands. In their adopted countries they form communities that either increase or decrease with each passing generation. Often it proves to be an effective support system when kith and kin are physically and emotionally close but, when dealing with people of any culture, there are hazards too.
When ethnic comminities are good, they are very good BUT when they are bad, they're worse than horrid!
Why's he looking so smug?

Jealousy is rife in most communities. Everyone looks to see which of their compatriots is more upwardly mobile i.e. who has the biggest house, the latest car / techno gadget and the best looking wife and children?
Yes, there is rabid competiton regarding all things material. Even education is an arena for one upmanship and great debates ensure about which school / university is more superior to the next. Naturally the house they live in, the car they drive, the gizmo they buy, the wife they acquired and children brought forth are by far the best! The ethnic Jones' are unashamed braggarts - anything you can do they can do better!

Ethnic communities have attitude (by the truck load) and they believe that the host country (their country of domicile) is lacking in comparison to the land of their birth. Die hard patriots will wax lyrical about how they have been forced to leave their undeveloped shores for better, economic opportunities. 
And are they grateful for their entry into the land of socio-economic milk and honey? Not a jot!

Most of them believe they got a raw deal. They traded in blue skies and sunshine for grey skies and bitter winters, warring extended families for a relatively peaceful (uninspiring) lifestyle. In addition, a life free from responsibility (in developing countries) where you can blame everything on corrupt governments.
Living in a developed society means you have to take responsibility for your own progress and that's a bitter pill for ethnic minorities. They are used to an insular pushing boundaries or room for intellectual growth.....slow is the deferred setting on their mental streams. No.....these are the people of the siesta / afternoon nap.....why work when you can sleep??

Like vultures lined up on wire their main focus is watching and waiting....for victims. 
Those who have acquired possessions far greater and success in their chosen field. They feign interest in their achievements and practise an inverted kindness but it is well rehearsed subterfuge. Once there is  a fall from grace, a brother/sister down on their luck, their friends suffer a disaster... they gloat. Like vultures picking at the flesh of a fresh kill they indulge in self-righteous tittle tattle and innunendos dripping with contempt. When the feathers are flying these like (ethnic) minds will take a great deal of pleasure in bringing you down.

I'm a pretty, ugly duckling!

I myself have fallen foul of their eccentric, ethnic ethos:  "To always mind another's business...."
For that reason (and several others) I avoid the vultures and, if by chance, they fly into my path....I smile my sweetest smile......because there's nothing worse for them than seeing a member of their clan happy and content.



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