Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Eat, pray and....kick ass!

I’m a firm believer in healthy and holistic living. The old adage “you are what you eat” is quite true.
I’m sure you’ve noticed Big Mac’s, Pepperoni Pizza, Spare ribs and Sausages walking around in their human packaging – not a pretty sight! It’s amazing how the quality and the quantity of food you eat affects your mind as well as the body.  When people complain of fatigue it’s usually as a result of snacking on high sugar stuff and headaches are surely a sign that the little E numbers must be using their little hammers to pound on your head. Perhaps they may eventually knock some sense into it so that you’ll give up the junk food diet.
In times of food distress prayer is useful. It’s the easiest way to avoid actually doing something about your food addiction – “let’s hope and pray that I don’t bump into a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the way home". Only the right-minded understand the meaning of prayer. Some people think that they are praying to God – wrong – God doesn’t need prayers…God needs us to  take action…that’s real prayer. Prayer is often misused as a psychological crutch…..”I’ve spent the last 10 minutes praying about it so I can sit and wait…”
Pray....with gusto
God is not a great vending machine in the sky and prayer is not be used as small change. Prayer is something you do when you’ve exhausted every resource. The main resource being our grey matter and – let’s be truthful – that is the most under-used organ in the human body. Don’t let me put you off prayer but remember God helps those who help themselves.
When prayers are not heartfelt it’s better to consider another course of action. A swift kick up the backside is a least tried but perhaps effective method. Yes, there’s nothing like a pain (especially in the ass) to get us moving. If it’s delivered with the right intention then it will surely have achieved its aim. One of the benefits is that you won’t be sitting on your ass long enough to be doing nothing….this ass kick could take weeks to heal!
Kicking ass makes us face our fears or even grab them by the neck and conquer them. God is not above some butt kicking when he confronts human mismanagement of Mother Earth. Twisters, hurricanes, tsunamis are God in kick-ass mode. Bible stories are rife with fires, famines, plagues and wars – God doesn’t eat or pray but he sure knows how to take corrective action with a vengeance! When enough is enough the proverbial kick in the butt never fails.



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