Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beauty and the Beast

 The beauty of the soul attracts the beast of human nature - this is an unpleasant truth.
The beauties of this world are born into less than beautiful circumstances. In fact, they are born to beasts disguised as parents, siblings, relatives and friends.
These souls are pure and gentle and yet they come into contact with very few of their own kind.
The beastly qualities of man pursue their innocence and attempt to sully the buds of their purity as they struggle to grow.

Trampling on her dreams
Beast is jealous of Beauty's charisma and charm.  
Beast is the anger that seeks to cause harm
Beauty is a rare fragrance that floods the senses
Beast plots carefully to break down her defences
Beauty lies in fresh meadows with flowers in her hair.
Beast lies with bitterness in the heart of his lair

Beauty is softness, style and grace. Beauty smiled sweetly upon Beast's twisted face.
Beauty is a force quite divine; she cannot be bought for trinkets or wine
Beauty is courage under fire; but Beast would lure her into the mire
Beauty dwells in the house of her soul; Beast breaks the tender heart he once stole
Beauty is content and does not crave; Beast took her hand and made her a slave
Beauty is patient even in capture; soon Beast’s mind was tamed by her heavenly rapture
Beauty’s laughter fell like drops of rain; onto the Beast’s hardened heart full of pain
Beauty is the mirror that tells no lies; she saw the beauty of her soul through a Beast’s eyes
Beauty is wild and free

Beauty is the light in the darkness and there is not enough darkness to put out her light.

To all you beauties out there....shine on!



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