Sunday, 29 May 2011

Too nice

Ugly Betty
There's no shortage of nice people.....there's one born every minute. 
I know many such people. They're nice but unlucky.....many have been born with good looks and a variety of talents. 
Their plight is that ordinary success has evaded them and strange misfortune has befallen them. They're nice people who get taken advantage of.

Despite the possession of brilliant minds and looks to match they are unlucky in love. 
They are unable to form successful partnerships and 2.5 children never materialised into their life space. 
They are saddled with a host of rare challenges that prevent them from following their destinies: a disabled parent/sibling/child whose care falls to them whilst the others who could also share this role follow their hearts.
They are peacemakers amongst their warring families but there's no peace prize for them
They are always there to take responsibility when others are neglectful.
They are derailed on their career paths by well meaning (lucky) people
Ugly is nice!
They are the strong ones who take up the burdens because no one else will.
They have principles and try to live up to them whilst everyone else is trampling over them.
They support another's dream but let their own fall by the wayside
Their kindness is perceived as a weakness.
They respect the rights of others but their own have to be justified.
They are the "ugly Bettys" who don't get a break but are very close to a breakdown.

If you can turn it around then unlucky may get lucky -that's if they're selfish enough. 
Sometimes they succeed and give up the self-sacrificing; sometimes it's become so much a way of life they just can't. 
Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people - it's a spiritual quandry that I haven't figured out yet. Or is it that they're loaded with karmic debt and are only reaping what they've sown in another lifetime that they can't remember?

SOS - Save our Sharks
I wish them luck in reversing their misfortune or just holding it together.....who am I to judge.....I've been on both sides of the coin!



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