Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Quitting is not for losers

Until you quit...tomorrow never comes
It takes courage to quit. That why the majority shy away from it. A great many people just don’t have what it takes to quit.
Quitting is hard. Potential quitters think it’s a weakness but once you actually do it you begin to realise that it’s a strength. Quitting is losing the comfort zone whether it’s a job or relationship.
Quitting a job is probably the hardest. Money is  security and losing an income is a terrifying thought.  The thought that we have enough self-worth to find another job or the confidence to think that we might do our own business (and be a success at it) never enters our head. Such is the esteem that we hold ourselves in!
It’s no different in relationships. Despite the fact that we are embroiled in a host of negative associations be it with a wife/husband/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/brother/sister/friend we do not seem willing to let go of the anger and resentment.
To my mind, quitting is easier and staying is hard. Many people see it the other way around. There’s almost a martyr-like commitment to something that is beyond repair. What is not clearly understood is that we have to fix ourselves before we can fix anything else. Our self-esteem must be repaired before we be an effective partner in any relationship. Insecure people do not make good bedfellows though birds of feather will flock together. The rituals of trying to change the other person is an interesting one but one that’s doomed to fail. 
QUIT and be a winner!
Quitting does not often make people feel like winners but they are. Once you’ve walked away from an unhappy situation, be it a job or intimate relationship, you will understand that it was the kindest thing to yourself and the other person. This type of quitting involves losing the recriminations, poor excuses and the bad atmospheres. To quit you have to be honest with yourself. Facing your fears takes guts and that’s what makes you a winner!



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