Monday, 16 May 2011

Love and other drugs

Love pills
Love makes the world go around….as do many other intoxicants as any tripping Ecstasy user will tell you. Drugs are said to have a powerful effect on the psyche and love is no exception. LSD, Heroin and Crack cocaine provide a brief hallucinatory respite from the daily grind and love is also used for escapist purposes.
Each year on Valentines Day sales of cards, flowers and love trinkets experience a boost as all thoughts turn to love. We speak of romantic love and the euphoria it brings. Lovers holding hands and kissing in the moonlight will make even the hardened realist a little mushy inside.
Love has no less side effects than other stimulants. Any lover will tell you that when it ends you are plunged into the depths of despair. The joy you experienced evaporates and what was beautiful then is unbeautiful now. The problem with love is that it does mean the same thing to both people. Sometimes love is being together sometimes it is being apart. If you can find the fine balance love may never leave.
A heart full of......?
Usually love  plants its roots in good soil so it thrives. Sometimes the weeds in your heart can choke love and hold it to ransom.  Once a good love takes hold your soul realises that this is the one. Your head will put forward a case that "the one" doesn't exist but your heart will overrule him. Once you're smitten you have to wait and see if love grows into a beautiful garden, a tub or window box.
As a true romantic, I can state without reservation, that love is the best medicine. A little love in your life can make your eyes shine and your heart glow. There is no better blood cleansing agent than the look of love. Its a lightness in the soul that makes you weak and powerful all at the same time.
Naturally love takes many forms and the object of your particular desire may not be flesh and blood. It may be a book, a painting, rays of sunshine or a blanket of glistening snow that sets your heart aflutter. In fact, the soul is refreshed by any of these things.
I look at love whenever I look in the mirror and that’s what I recommend for you. To gaze inwards and outwards at the beloved is the greatest therapy of all.



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