Saturday, 31 December 2011

Living and Dying

The old year is dying and we await the birth of a new one. This is the story of duality – we live and die and try to find balance inbetween. Due to the fact that we are forward planning, multi-tasking and tipping ourselves over the edge we usually have little time for contemplation. Life is fast paced and Death is slow unless you meet it early.

Life and death bring us important lessons. The crucial one being that its important to live each day to its fullest. We know this in theory but cannot always put it into practice. Why? Because we’re held back by fear or guilt. We’ve made both of these our constant companions so we have no idea how we live without them.

Life has made us world-weary and we often try to find an escape from it – through alcohol or drugs. We’re all addicted to something that helps us forget about life. We do this because we have not chosen an authentic path. We have broken promises to ourselves, we have sold ourselves short, we have not used (or misused) our unique talents, we have tried to please – everyone – but ourselves.

Death, on the other hand, makes us afraid. We dread the thought of our demise. We think it morbid to talk about it. We cast aspersions on those who have chosen suicide as their way out. We think of death as something ugly.

Life and death are not any of the above. Life is a vast galaxy of adventures, full of villains and saviours – you get to decide who’s who. You are the casting director in the drama known as your life. You are also the star and remember to let your light shine bright.

Happy New Year!
Death is a joyful extension of life. You travel light, without body, but just a soul. Equip yourself well as, in death, you may have to answer for some of the choices you made. You take only your heart and mind so make improvements and adjustments to them whilst still in body.

Once you understand that life and death are your friends you’ll find peace amidst the chaos.
So live strong and live long on the eve of a new year.



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