Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Main Man.....Obviously Better At Managing America

The end of a nail-biting campaign has meant victory for the main man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - President Barack Obama. He has secured another term and snatched the prize right out of the hands of his political opponent - Mitt Romney.

I'm not an American citizen but  a keen observer of political developments across the pond ever since the present incumbent was elected four years ago. Obama is a realist, he knows that to get the US and world economy back into shape it'll take tough measures. He's trying to roll out the most radical health reforms that the US has ever seen and he's facing opposition even within his own camp.

Americans don't like change but they must. The old systems have to be re-worked. Corporate greed is the monster that must be destroyed. Obama brought in the winds of change and gave the people a candidate they could believe in. Why? What makes him special?

Barack Obama's entry into the world was no fairy tale. He was raised by a strong woman - a single parent with two failed marriages. He knew struggle and hardship. He knew disadvantage and the feeling of being the odd one out. He had a funny name and a funny colour - mixed race, bi-racial, black and white. He had intelligence and he put it to good use.

Barack Obama is a powerful orator and he's right when he says that politics is more than a contest between two egos. He has restored integrity and humility to the highest office. His victory is a triumph of the human spirit. He's not in office to score points but to make America stronger and he's succeeding.

Family guy
History will look upon him as one of the greats. I feel honoured to have lived in this time to witness his presidency. He has made politics relevant for young people and he's extraordinarily ordinary. You wouldn't feel intimidated in his presence. He's the People's President and the main man!



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